Custom Fit: How to choose a bra

Finding the right fit is difficult for any type of clothing. How to choose a bra is a very special challenge. There are so many things to consider. Everyone's body and body type are different, we come in all shapes and sizes - how can you possibly get the right fit? And what happens if you loose weight or, (heaven forbid) gain weight? What then? Here is the most effective way to fit a bra to your body and body type comfortably and affordably!
There are so many beautiful bras out there! Lace, satin, see-through, demi cup and full cup! How does one choose? Choosing the right bra is something few have gotten right. The cup size may be right, but the fit is too tight. Or, the opposite problem occurs: the fit around the body is comfortable, but the cup size is either too big or too small. Projection seems to be another issue. This is when the breasts seem to protrude over the top, almost spilling out, of the cup of the bra. This gives a “stuffed tomato” look. Trying to get the most comfortable fit at an affordable value is a fine art…here’s how to win the bra battle!

After you measure yourself for the right size, then you can pick your size, style and price. To measure for fit, put a bra on…just one that you already have at home. To choose a bra measurement that will fit you, measure with a tape measure under your bust and across your bust. Or, if you don’t have a tape measure, a piece of string will work just as well. Here’s how to get the proper measurement with a piece of string. Wrap the piece of string around you where you are going to measure, then, holding the piece of string with your finger tips where it comes completely around you, lay the piece of string on a ruler to determine the proper measurement. Tape should be firm but not too tight. Most bras have a variance of an inch or two. If you like your bras tight, the band measurement should be close to what you actually measure. If you like the bra looser, add 3-4’ to your measurement for band size. Most recommend a snug, but not too tight, fit. This prevents the bra from riding up your back or moving around when you bend, twist or stretch. A snug fit for the larger breasted woman is better support and helps to keep the weight off the shoulder. To choose a bra that not only looks great, but feels great, too…follow the next steps for the proper cup size.

For the cup size, subtract the under bust measurement from the across bust measurement. The difference gives you the actual cup size. For example: a 2’ difference means that you are a B cup. A 3’ difference means that you are a C cup and so forth.

For those with a cup size that doesn’t comfortably fit into any particular A,B or C cup, there has been created the HALF SIZE cup! YEAH! To help those choose a bra that fits comfortably, measure the same way as above. If your cup size is kind of a B, meaning that if it were stretched, it COULD BE a B, but an A cup is too small…go to the nearest Wal*Mart and reach for a “nearly B” cup bra. Hanes has produced these bras especially for the women who find that when they choose a bra and take it home, it NEARLY fits just right, but not quite! Likewise, if when you measure, your cup size is not quite a C, but a B cup is too small, causing the breasts to protrude or look as if they are ready to fall out of the B cup, then a “nearly C” cup is right for you.

This latest addition to their seemingly endless line of men’s and women’s apparel is a wonderful acknowledgment that not all women are created equal! Hanes has chosen to invite all women everywhere to live, work and play as comfortably and affordably! THANK YOU!
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