Costume Ideas When You Go To Costume Party

One of the best things about a costume party is that you get to go to a party and be someone, or something, else for a whole night or you get to just be completely silly for a night. Either way a costume party is a great release and a great way to have fun with your friends who you can always shock with a strange costume or something that is not you. Being someone else is what costume parties are all about.
When you are invited to go to costume party the very first thing that you think of is what kind of costume you should wear. Some people love the idea going to costume party and can think of a great costume right off the bat while other people are also loving the idea of going to a costume party but have no idea what kind of costume to wear. There are several ways to think of a costume to wear to costume party and some of that can really depend on what kind of costume party it is. Some people like to have themes to their costume party and that takes a lot of the guess work out of it. If you get invited to a costume party where the invitation says that it is a colonial theme or a Victorian era party then you can pretty much get any typical costume of the era and maybe add some of your own personality as well. Just because you are going as Paul Revere doesn’t mean you can’t still wear a bandana from your favorite sports team somewhere in your costume. Remember that it is a costume party so have some fun with it. As much fun as a theme costume party can be a costume party where there are no rules can be even more fun and if you allow your imagination to go wild then you can probably shock and surprise all of your friends.

If you get an invitation to costume party then you are going to want to sit down and think of what type of costume you want and what you want that costume to do. If you want to be someone, or something, you are normally not then this will get a huge response from everyone that knows you and help you be the life of the party. For example, if everyone that knows you thinks of you as a very proper and well dressed person who seems very educated and always insists that things run smoothly then a great costume for you to wear to a costume party would be to dress as a 1960’s hippie. Make sure you go all out with a wig for crazy hair and some dirt on your face and clothes. You could also go as a biker which would probably shock people even more. Filthy blue jeans, a ripped black t-shirt, and a leather biker vest along with the huge bike boots would probably be the last thing people would expect. You may not even get recognized right away. It should be a fun way to spend your time at a costume party.

If you would rather just simply make people laugh then you can wear a costume designed to be something different that people would find very funny. I am reminded of one costume party I went to years ago where two very attractive ladies dressed as car mats like the kind that would be under you foot when you are driving your car. They had huge foam costumes in the shape of opposing car floor mats and they had things like soda cans and cigarette packs glued to them to look like the things we throw on the floor of our cars. It was a great idea and they won all kinds of prizes that night. You can also do something creative like that. I once remember someone coming to a costume party wearing a long yellow box that just said “cigarettes” on it in huge black letters. He was dressed as a generic pack of cigarettes. Let your imagination go and have some fun with it. After all, it is a party.
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