Corpus Christi, Texas Real Estate, Life In The Sun

Searching for Corpus Christi, Texas real estate means looking for a home in "The Sparkling City by the Sea." The eighth largest city in Texas and one of the fastest growing urban areas in the United States, Corpus Christi, with its international port and one hundred miles of beaches, is a welcoming beach and college town with an average temperate of 71 degrees and an amazing 255 days of sun per year.

With a population rapidly expanding toward the three hundred thousand mark, Corpus Christi is the eighth largest city in Texas and one of the fastest growing communities in the United States. Referred to as "The Sparkling City by the Sea," Corpus Christi is located on the Texas Gulf Coast, is home to a branch campus of Texas A&M University, and has long been an attractive warm weather choice for retirees.

Although area residents might not regard it as a recommendation, each year thousands of college students flood into the area for Spring Break. While their vacation-time shenanigans might be regarded as an annoyance by some, there is no question that they bring with them a significant amount of tourist dollars and are a boon to the local economy.

If you are looking for Corpus Christi, Texas real estate or apartments in Corpus Christi, Texas there are some numbers you should know. Corpus Christi has approximately fifty-four thousand housing units with some thirty percent of those being rental dwellings or apartments. In Corpus Christi, Texas expect to pay a median rent of $360. The average price for a home in the Corpus Christi, Texas real estate market is $95,503.

This price, well below the national average, makes Corpus Christi, Texas real estate especially attractive when you consider the city lies at the gate of the Padre Island National Seashore and has more than one hundred miles of beaches in its own right. Water sports and fishing are local passions but the area is also excellent for hiking and bird watching. (It should also be noted that Corpus Christi has an international port which is a significant creator of local jobs.)

Corpus Christi is the county seat of Nueces County which covers one hundred and fifty four square miles. Checking out Corpus Christi, Texas real estate doesn't necessarily mean buying "in town." Perhaps your own private beach nook is waiting for you on the Gulf Coast with easy access to a thriving urban area with a sunny climate and a low cost of living. The average temperature in these parts is seventy-one and there are approximately two hundred and fifty five days of sunshine per year.

The presence of the campus of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi brings about seven thousand six hundred undergraduates into this beach / college town. The University not only creates local jobs on its two hundred and forty acre campus, but keeps the market for apartments in Corpus Christi, Texas booming. More than seventy apartment complexes in the area make one to three bedrooms available in a range of from three hundred to one thousand dollars (and more) for apartments in "resort" complexes.

Since many locals consider living in Corpus Christi to be something of a permanent vacation, searching for Corpus Christi, Texas real estate might be the first step in a new life. This sunny, thriving, beach community on the Texas Gulf Coast could be your new dream home where the fishing is good and the living is easy. Whether visiting or staying, however, you'll find Corpus Christi to be a welcoming and rejuvenating stop in your travels.

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