Controversial Issue Of Feminism Separatist

There are many different people in the world and many of them have different ideas and one idea that is being shared with the world is the controversial issue of feminism separatist. This is a type of feminism that does not support heterosexual relationship. Pretty much what that mean in a nut shell, is that these women do not believe in a relationship between a man and a woman, they only belief in a relationship between two females. This issues is very controversial and is the center of many disputes even within the feminist movement itself. However, most issues are viewed as the first step to enhance the personal growth .
There are many different people in the world and many of them have different ideas and one idea that is being shared with the world is the controversial issue of feminism separatist. Feminism separatist is where women do not belief in relationship with other man, only females. They feel that man lack the dynamics to be in a relationship with a women, and most distributions in a male and female relationship are unresolvable. Feminism separatist are not always lesbians (although they can be), many of these women just do not want to live, work, work under, or have to deal with a man. Many women can have these types of views for many reasons, in fact, some women turn to this belief after being raped by a man. They do not want to turn to a man for comfort, and thus they turn to other women who give them the help they need. Feminism separatist usually view society as bad, and that is why they choose to live with other women. Of course, there are a few different types of feminism separatist out there. One type is know as lesbian separatist, and usually incorporate lesbian relationships into their lives.

When you talk about feminism separatist, for the most part you are usually talking about lesbian separatism. This is because most people need love, and if they will not get it from a man then they will get it from a women. This is something that they see nothing wrong with and most feminism separatist find other women more attractive then males. However, the society that feminism separatist want to live in is a depicting from science fiction writing. These writings talk of a Utopian land of all females, and they have the technology that has allowed them to reproduce without a male. The fact is that most lesbian separatism is usually associated with Dianic paganism. Many feminism separatist are very open of how much they hate men. If fact, one of the more popular quotes is “dead men do not rape.” Of course, it is not fair to label all men like this. Not all men go out and rape women, thus not all men should not be labeled as such. In fact, some man compare the feminism separatist speech toward men much like the hate the Nazis took towards Jews. I do not feel it is that extreme, however, I do feel that they should not label all men as evil.

Feminism separatist is something this is going to be and may always remain controversial. This will be the subject of many disputes. This includes many disputes within the feminist movement itself. Everyone is open to their own beliefs, and trying to make someone think the way you think is not right. So it is not right for anyone to force their beliefs on anyone else. That goes for both male and females. Everyone has their own rights and we can use them as we see fit. Feminism separatist is something that is not as big of a deal today in the Untied States as it was some time back. Everyone wants to be treated the same and no one is perfect. No matter how hard anyone tries, they are not going to be perfect. Everyone does evil stuff, both men and women. Of course, we can not go around labeling everyone the same just because one person did something wrong. Everyone is different and we should always keep that in mind.
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