Colorado Springs For Visitors And Residents Alike

Colorado Springs is about more than just a quieter lifestyle an hour south of Denver. It is a city that has a lot to offer its residents as well as vacationers. In Colorado Springs, you can visit Garden of the Gods, climb Pikes Peak, visit the United States Air Force Academy, see the Olympic Training Center, or just take a hike around the nature center. No matter what you choose, there is something in Colorado Springs for you and your family to enjoy.

Colorado Springs is not just a quiet small city south of Denver, it is a fantastic family vacation destination. There is even a lot to do with the family if you make your homes Colorado Springs, so take the time to find out what Colorado Springs has to offer you and your family; you just might be a little surprised.

Both tourists and rock-climbers enjoy the Garden of the Gods. This Colorado Springs Park is 1,364 acres of incredible rock formations. Among the many deep red formations are trails. Also, all of the one-way roads in the park have paved bike lanes to encourage you and your family to get out and enjoy the park in the fresh air. The park is perfect for the entire family, with wheel-chair accessible walking paths and picnic areas scattered all around the sandstone rock formations.

Pikes Peak inspired Katherine Lee Bates to write the song "American the Beautiful." Not only that, the 14,110 foot mountain is a Colorado Springs, CO symbol. Visitors to the mountain may enjoy hiking, driving, biking, or riding the cog railway to explore the peak's beauty. However, during winter months, the peak of the mountain is inaccessible.

For those who make their homes Colorado springs or those simply on a family vacation, the Cave of the Winds does not disappoint. The Cave was re-discovered in 1881 by white settlers. It had once been known as home to the Great Spirit of the Wind. The spirit could cause sand devils, whirlwinds, and even tornados if angered. Today, the cave is open for tours and experiences for the public to enjoy. There is even a lantern tour, which is a favorite of visitors.

On the north end of Colorado Springs is the United States Air Force Academy. It is the number one man made attraction in the city. Approximately 1.4 million people visit the academy every year. Visitors can get tours of the base and learn more about the Academy itself and the young men and women of the United States Air Force that it produces.

Another popular Colorado Springs attraction is the Olympic Training Center. Visitors to the Training Center can get information on some of the athletes who have participated in Olympics past. The center is also home to the United States Olympic Hall of Fame Rotunda. There, the American pursuit of excellence and the Olympic Ideal are celebrated.

Vacationers may also visit the Bear Creek Nature Center. Opened in 1976, the center educated visitors on all aspects of the ecosystem. Two miles of self-guided nature trails just outside the center offer visitors an opportunity to see the ecosystem and experience it first hand. Trail walkers experience scrub oak woodlands, short grass prairie, and cottonwood riparian communities.

Try Colorado Springs' newest attraction, the Colorado Gators Reptilian Adventure. There, visitors can learn about the variety of reptiles all over the world. Visitors can even find out which reptiles are good as pets, and have the opportunity to get a picture while holding a live alligator.

No matter whether you live in Colorado Springs or just plan to visit it, there is something for you. Colorado Springs offers activities, attractions, and a quiet atmosphere that makes it the perfect family vacation spot for a day, a weekend, or longer.

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