College Uniforms: Yes Or No

College uniforms are usually different from college to college. You may be required by the college to wear a uniform whereas other colleges will not ask you to wear a uniform at all. They see that if you don't wear a uniform then you are more comfortable and able to work more easily and freely. Many students do like that idea and will take it on board when they show up for the first day without any uniform.

College uniforms are of a mixed breed; some colleges have the usual rule of uniform must be worn at all times by students attending the college. Whereas others will say students are more then welcome to not wear a school uniform and will be treated as adults. Why is it that some colleges prefer uniform and others don't?

All colleges do differ from each other; you can't choose two colleges that are the same. Everything is different from the layout of the classrooms to the college uniforms rule. Some colleges will demand that their students wear their college uniforms so that they can be recognised from other students from different colleges. Plus they feel that many students do like to wear the uniforms that they are given, they feel that they like to wear the college uniforms with pride and dignity. There are other colleges however that will not cause a stir if their students do not wear a uniform. They feel that their students are more then comfortable in their own clothing and they will be able to work better and to the best of their ability if they can wear their own clothing each day in college.

If the college that you are attending does recommend that you wear the college uniform, then you will be given a list of school uniform sellers. That will not only sell local school uniforms but it will also sell college uniforms also. A school uniform shop can easily be found in many shopping malls or even on the local high street. A school uniform shop will cater for boys and girls of a school or college, also they will have many different sizes skirts, shirts, trousers and blazers all in stock for you to purchase. These school uniform shops know that if they are the only local supplier of school uniforms then they will get very busy as the new school year starts. Therefore they should be more then prepared to meet the demands that the parents will need for their children.

Colleges will decide whether they think it is a good idea for their students to wear uniform or not each year, they will sit down and discuss the arguments for and against uniforms. We have all been students before and we would of loved the opportunity to never wear school uniform, just so that we could be ourselves and wear whatever we wanted to wear all through the school year. Most of us however never got that chance and we were only told that we didn't have to wear school uniform when we went to college. That was seen as a blessing and it definitely helps when you are not wearing a college uniform. You feel that without the restrictions of a uniform you are then more then able to work better and at a faster pace.

If all colleges allowed their students the freedom to have non-uniform clothes, then they might see an increase in passes at their college. If however they already have a high number of passes then they may not want to impose a non-uniform policy on their college and that is entirely up to them, of course. Colleges have the right to say whether their students should wear uniform or not and at the end of the day we can't change their minds about their policy on college uniforms.

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