ClearLake Has a Long History and a Bright Future

Although many travelers come to California in order to enjoy the State’s beaches on the Pacific Ocean, the State also has beaches on more than one freshwater lake. Clear Lake is the largest freshwater lake from which all the Lake waters lap onto a shoreline that is entirely within the State of California. The Lake’s long history gives it yet another distinguishing feature.
Clear Lake, in Lake County, California, proudly makes the claim that it is the second oldest lake in the world. Back when prophets wandered across the deserts of the Holy Land, a landslide buried a natural drainage system in what is now California. When water descending from the mountains could not reach the Russian River, it sought-out an alternate drainage route. The rising water eventually flowed into and through Cache Creek, a tributary of the Sacramento River. As the water flowed through the Creek, it collected in the basin that would later become Clear Lake.

Yet fishermen who come to Clear Lake do not venture there in order to appreciate the Lake’s ancient history. Instead the fishermen rejoice in the fact that Clear Lake is the largest freshwater lake that has all of its shoreline within the State of California. Fishermen find many different types of fish in Clear Lake. Adults go after the bigger fish—the large mouth bass, the bluegill and the catfish. Young children who fish along or on the Lake often catch the tiny crappie. Older children discover that crappie can serve as bait, replacing the slimy and wiggly worm.

Residents of Clearlake, CA enjoy a wide array of outdoor activities during the summer. In addition to fishing and wading, summer outdoor activities in the Lake include waterskiing and jet skiing. Children of Clearlake, CA watch eagerly for an opportunity to visit one of the area’s water parks. Some children also check-out the surface at the City’s skateboard park.

Both adults and children can derive pleasure from a hike on the area’s Indian Nature Trail. A portion of the Trail passes through an old Pomo village. Thus the Nature Trail hiker can imagine what it was like for Pomo people, who passed along that same trail. The Pomo people were the first inhabitants of Lake County, the native inhabitants of the area around Clear Lake. The Pomos’ creative use of area resources can be appreciated by hikers on the Indian Nature Trail.

While Clearlake has a most interesting and a most distinctive history, it also has a very promising future. Lake County has one of the lowest levels of particle pollution within the entire United States. In other words, there is every reason to expect the return to Clearlake of many of the travelers, who have previously used the area’s camping facilities.

In January of 2005, the State of California announced a change that promised to insure the return of campers to Clearlake. Because the area around the lake is part of the State Park System, campers at Clear Lake now have access to WI-FI, also known as wireless fidelity. Now campers in the cabins, tents or RV’s, in addition to those at the picnic tables, can enjoy high-speed wireless, internet access.

Thanks to SBC, the second oldest lake in the world now invites visitors to enjoy one of the benefits of the 21st Century. Now a camper in Lake County can access a web site with writings created by the ancient prophets, men who roamed the Holy Land during the time when waters from Cache Creek trickled into the body of water that would come to be known as Clear Lake.
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