Catch Phrase Is Great For Any Situation

Catch Phrase is really a great game for any situation. If you have any situation where you need to break the ice and sort of let people warm, a Catch Phrase game will definitely work like a charm! Catch Phrase is a game for the witty, the humorous, and those just looking to have a little bit of fun. With two Catch Phrase games to choose from, there is something for everyone within this game!

The game Catch Phrase has long been a favorite of people of all ages and backgrounds. When you play Catch Phrase you really need to be on your toes and thinking as fast as possible. Catch Phrase allows two teams to work against each other to see who thinks the fastest and who can be the wittiest player.  Catch phrase will be a game that keeps players on their toes while making them laugh all the while.

The Catch Phrase game is actually pretty simple. The people who want to play divide themselves into two teams. One player from the team pulls a card and reads the word off the card to themselves and then they have to do everything possible to get their teammates to guess what the word is. Jumping, talking, using your hands and body language is the way you can get your team to get your team to guess the word before time runs out. Time is typically kept with a small little hourglass and if the team doesn't guess the word before time is up it's the other teams turn to play. The team with the most points is the winner. But, this game doesn't have a set number of rounds! The game easily continues for hours and hours without anyone realizing how much time they've spent playing. Unless you have a couple of hours, you shouldn't even attempt to play Catch Phrase!  Once you start it's hard to stop, Catch Phrase really is sort of addictive!

In addition to the original Catch Phrase that used cards there is a newer electronic version. The electronic version has the same rules; it simply has a screen that has the word which is to be conveyed to the team. The electronic Catch Phrase game has just sort of reinvented the game so that a whole new generation will take notice of such a great game! No matter what age you are, this game is fun! 

The Catch Phrase game is a great party game, at almost any gathering of people you can pull Catch Phrase out and everyone will have some great time. If you need an icebreaker at a party or get together, Catch Phrase is a great game to play to get everyone together and sort of let people warm up to one another without realizing it. Co-workers will also enjoy a game of Catch Phrase, as it will get everyone out of their typical element so you can get a taste of the personality that exists outside of work. Catch Phrase really is awesome for almost any situation imaginable.

Catch Phrase is also a great family game. If your whole family plays Catch Phrase, it can be a bonding experience where everyone sort of lets go of grudges and just has good time no matter what has been going on. The Catch Phrase game is fun, entertaining, and just a great way to spend an hour or two! Whether you play with friends, family, or people you hardly know, Catch Phrase is a lot of fun.

If there is any game that you could buy it's definitely Catch Phrase. This is just an all around fun game. It takes people who have a sense of humor and intelligence to play this game well and it's just a bit of good time. The phrases that people guess will make you laugh and you'll surely go to the office the next day with stories to tell. You'll also wonder when you get to play another game of Catch Phrase!

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