Brecon Beacons And The National Park

The brecon beacons national park always has something going on during the year. Whether it is the Christmas lights being turned on or some sort of summer activity to keep the children happy you know that there is all round joy at the brecon beacons. Plus of course there are the usual walking paths and hiking activities to keep you occupied all year round. Keeping you more then happy at the brecon beacons.

The brecon beacons national park has recently been handed a prestigious award. The beacons beacon national park has been made a member of the UNESCO global network this is the first national park in the United Kingdom to receive this award and that is good news for visitors who know that they are going to visit a national park that has been awarded such a prestigious award. It is a sign that this national park is head and shoulders above the rest of the national parks.

The brecon beacons are situated in the middle of Wales and the brecon beacons contain some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole of the United Kingdom. The brecon beacons cover an area of 1347 sq km, which is about 520 sq miles so there is a lot of land in which to roam and explore at your leisure.

This national park is in touch with its visitors and local citizens that's why they always have a five-year National Park management plan in which the citizens and regular visitors can voice their opinion about what makes the brecon beacons so good and also they can voice their opinions about what needs to be done to attract more visitors to the park. This is a special opportunity to voice your opinions and make sure that you are there at the correct time because it only happens once every five years and you don't want to miss your only opportunity.

You can become a member of the brecon beacons national park and it does pay to do this after a while. Because the brecon beacons seem to value their park above every other park and like to put a £2 ($5) price tag on non-members who would like to take part in special events. So if you are a regular visitor to the park then its best to get that membership card so that you can save yourself some money.

The people at the brecon beacons national park always seem to be thinking of new ideas and walk paths to add for their visitors to enjoy and just lately they have added another walk path to the many that already exist. The Beacons Way, which is a 100-mile walk across the national park, was thought up by the society secretary, which goes to show that they are always thinking about their visitors and what they have put forward to them. They also issue a frequent newsletter about any updates and the news and activities about the national park. This newsletter is delivered to schools and local houses for any one that has subscribed to it.

The brecon beacons national park has all the activities that you would expect from a national park such as cycling and horse riding these activities are natural for a national park to have but they also have other activities that sometimes unavailable in other national parks. These extra activities include mountain biking, climbing, gliding, sail and windsurfing, canoeing and bird watching. This just emphasizes the fact that the brecon beacons national park is truly up there with the great national parks and the award that it has received is truly deserved for all the excellent services that they have provided over the years. And I'm sure that these services will continue for many years to come.

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