Breast Cancer And Breast Cancer Survivor Facts

Breast cancer affects women world wide, in fact every two minutes in America alone, someone is diagnosed with breast cancer. In many cases breast cancer can be diagnosed and treated early. But being a breast cancer survivor is only the beginning of a long road to recovery. Here we will look at what breast cancer is and some of the resources available for survivors and their families to help aid in their recovery.

Every year there are over 250,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer and an estimated 40,000 of these women will die from the disease. But as our technology and research grows so does our success rate for diagnosing and treating women with breast cancer early. Many women who battle this disease know all too well, the long road it takes to recovery especially for the breast cancer survivor. Here we will go through some facts about breast cancer and some options available to help survivors and their families with the recovery process.

The causes of breast cancer are not completely known but it some factors that are related to the cancer are early puberty, obesity, lifestyle factors like smoking and drinking but the most common cause is age. People who are most at risk of breast cancer are women who are between the ages of 50 and 60 years old. Another high risk factor is family history, if your mother, sister or aunt have had breast cancer then you can be more at risk of having it as well.

Some of the most common symptoms of breast cancer are:

Lumps in the breast or under arm area
Pain, soreness in the nipple or the breast
Redness and dryness of the nipple and breast
And leakage of the nipple
Most times breast cancer can be diagnosed early without having any symptoms by having a mammogram. Women should also do a monthly self breast check.
If you have breast cancer the earlier it is diagnosed, the quicker you can be treated and the higher your chances are to becoming a breast cancer survivor.

There are four stages of breast cancer

Stage 0 breast cancer is also known as non-invasive breast cancer. It is when the cancer hasn't invaded into other tissue area of the breast.

Stage 1 breast cancer is when the cancer tumor is no more than two centimeters big and has started invading other breast tissue.

Stage 2 breast cancer is when the tumor measures between two and five centimeters and when the it has affected the lymph nodes on the same side of the breast or under the arm but they have not yet clumped together.

Stage 3 breast cancer is divided into two stages.
Stage 3 breast cancer A, is when the tumor measures over five centimeters in size and the lymph nodes are beginning to clump together or with tissue.
Stage 3 breast cancer B, is when the tumor has moved to the skin of your breast, your chest wall and or your internal mammary lymph nodes.
Stage 4 breast cancer is when the tumor has progressed further than your under arm and breast area to other nodes in your body like your neck, liver, brain, bones or lungs.
All stages of breast cancer can be treated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Many of these women who have been diagnosed with this cancer can be treated and even become a breast cancer survivor but many times the road to recovery after cancer can be hard for both them and their families.
Thankfully there are many organizations around to help aid in the recovery process.

Some of the work that these organizations to help a breast cancer survivor include:

Counseling for both the survivor and their families on how to deal with the possibility of the cancer reoccurring and how to lead a normal and active lifestyle.
Feel good workshops to help the breast cancer survivor regain their strength after the treatment process and to help lift their spirits and activeness.
The ability to meet and share their journey with other breast cancer survivors and women who are still battling it, to both them and themselves.
Breast cancer survivor resorts, so women who have fought the cancer can relax and regain their strength, physical and mental wellness.

Breast cancer is a real thing, threatening the life of everyday women and should be something that is noticed and dealt with accordingly. Many practitioners recommend that every woman do a regular self breast check to notice if anything in the breast is abnormal and for women to have regular mammogram checks. There are many women who have beaten breast cancer and they all agree that the best defense against breast cancer is early detection.

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