Boulder: City of Plenty

Boulder, Colorado offers many things for those looking for a visit, or for those who are permanent residents. Boulder city combines a hip culture, outdoor sports, a technologically savvy community, beautiful outdoor scenery, and a college city vibe. For those visiting, there is a broad array of hotels. Boulder, Colorado is a beautiful city either to live in or experience for a short stay.

Boulder, Colorado is a fantastic city with something to offer everyone. While Boulder is often thought of as a college town, there is so much more to the city. The city is sophisticated and artsy. It is home to numerous high-tech companies and research concerns. Boulder also attracts numerous outdoor sports enthusiasts with its pleasing climate, vast open spaces, and proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Boulder is located 35 miles northwest of downtown Denver. Boulder city is a mountain community that is defined by its combination of natural beauty and a hip, urban culture. It sits 5,430 feet above sea level. Nestled into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the Boulder cityscape expands into acres of vast open space.

Boulder was settled in 1858 by miners hoping to claim their fortunes. It was named for the large rocks in the region.  A year after their arrival, the miners struck gold in the hills nearby. Within the next 20 years, Boulder city had become a regional rail and trade center for mining and farming. The university was originated in 1877. After mining collapsed at the start of the 20th century, the university became the economic mainstay of the community. Boulder became known as a center for scientific and environmental research in the 1950's.

Currently the residents of Boulder are a blend of University of Colorado students, employees of the many computer, biotech, and research firms; and others individuals who are captivated by the laid-back, bohemian, environmentally conscientious, and otherwise hip lifestyles prevalent in the city. One common thread of Boulder's full time population is a love of the outdoors. Within the city limits, Boulder boasts 30,000 acres of open space, 56 parks, and 200 miles of trails. Kayaking, rock climbing, biking, hiking, and fishing are all available activities which residents and tourists actively participate.

Boulder, Colorado offers a plethora of interesting and enjoyable attractions all year. Many of the activities are free or almost-free. There is something for everyone in Boulder and due to this, staying in Boulder can sometimes be difficult.

For individuals looking for great hotels, Boulder, Colorado offers a considerable selection. The city has both inexpensive and luxury hotels. Boulder, Colorado will have something that fits everyone's budget. It is imperative for those individuals who want to stay in Boulder to book their accommodations early. Boulder, Colorado is the home to the University of Colorado. During any major event at the University of Colorado, especially graduation, finding lodging can be extremely difficult. 

Major hotel chains and franchises in Boulder that provide reasonably priced lodging include: Best Western Golden Buff Lodge, Best Western Boulder Inn, Boulder Creek Quality Inn and Suites, Super 8, and the Days Inn. For those wanting to spend a little more, Boulder has a wide selection of Bed and Breakfast Inns and luxury hotels.

During the popular summer season, it can be very difficult to get a last minute hotel. With everything Boulder has to offer it is not hard to see why advanced reservations are essential. City events and beautiful weather draw large numbers of people to Boulder. If a person finds themselves in Boulder during a "sold-out" period, they can check with the Boulder Conventions and Visitors Bureau. This group keeps track of availability. Staying in Denver, which is only a half-hour away, is another option.

Boulder is a thriving city with activities, outdoor sports, and events that appeal to every age and type of person. It is a city worth visiting. Just remember to book your hotel in advance!

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