Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and You

How Bobbi Brown Cosmetics got its start. Bobbi Brown had a love affair with makeup that started when she discovered her Mothers makeup collection at an early age. Her passion for beauty continued through her teenage years and led her down the road to Emerson College in Boston where she earned a degree in theatrical makeup. She headed off to New York City after graduating to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional makeup artist.
Bobbi Brown was a professional makeup artist in the 80’s, this is when makeup was loud, garish and way overdone. Bobbi was very frustrated with the lack of flattering, nice makeup available out on the market. This is where Bobbi Brown Cosmetics begins.

Bobbi had a meeting by chance with a chemist and a magazine photo shoot and it changed everything for her. She had the idea to develop a flattering lipstick that she brought into reality with her creation of Brown lip color. Soon after, nine other brown-based lip colors emerged. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics now had 10 lipstick shades that let a woman create an infinite number of different shades by blending and mixing them.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics line of lipsticks debuted in 1991, at the Berg Goodman in New York City. A beauty revolution started. Women instantly loved her flattering makeup and her realistic approach to beauty. As an entrepreneur, Mother-of-three and wife, Bobbi Brown continues to mesmerize and flatter her consumers today. The secret to Bobbi Brown Cosmetics success is a philosophy Bobbi herself has, it permeates her life and her business: achieving and maintaining balance, cultivating a positive outlook and loving you the way you are.

The Bobbi Brown beauty revolution is still going strong today. The skin care products combine all-natural essential oils with modern technology. This makes for glowing, healthy skin and is the first step in creating a flawless makeup look.

The Bobbi Brown Cosmetics powders and foundations are all yellow-based, this helps them match every skin color with ease.

The color products of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics blend beautifully and seamlessly on a variation of skin tones. These are designed to be current and timeless all at once, this year even five years from now.

The makeup brushes available at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics are of high professional caliber. Bobbi herself uses these brushes at fashion shows and photo shoots.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics continually meets women’s needs with the highest quality products, lifestyle advice, accessible beauty and the philosophy that beauty should be simple, real and approachable.

This year, just in time for the Holiday season, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics introduces the Sparkles and Rubies collection. You can definitely dress up your look for the Holiday’s with the dazzle of Diamonds and the richness of Rubies. You can choose from an irresistible array of limited-edition items, from sheer-to-opaque Ruby-inspired options for nails and lips to new Diamond Dust, which actually looks like diamonds that have been crushed. The Ruby works for anyone because you can use a formula that is very sheer like the gloss, which will give you a touch of color or you can go for the stronger lip with the lipstick. All come in beautiful shades and hues.

Bobbi Brown and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics support organizations like the Jane Adams Vocational High School and the Dress for Success Program. The Dress for Success program in New York provides approximately 2,000 under-privileged women with interview suits and career development advice. Bobbi Brown has built on this program by teaching each of these women how to create a makeup look that is professional and goes with their outfits. The Jane Adams Vocational High School is where Bobbi Brown talks to students about her journey from makeup artist to founding Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. She shares tips for success. Her experience here at the school inspired her so much that she formed a year-round partnership with the school. She divides her time between the Cosmetology program, which focuses on the study of makeup artistry and the LYFE Center program, which caters to specific needs of young Mothers.

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2006, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has created NEW Pink Bouquet Shimmer lip-gloss. This medium pink glittery gloss is packaged in a mirrored flip-top compact. In the month of October, proceeds from the sale of this lip-gloss will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
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