Block Spam Using Your E-mail Client

If you have been using the internet in the past few years, you will know that e-mail is one of the biggest things out there. Everyone uses e-mail and that makes it perfect for advertising companies to send you lots of junk mail. Whenever a advertising company sends you junk mail to your e-mail account, this is called spam. The bad news about spam is it can junk up your e-mail box faster then anything else out there. The good news is that your e-mail client can help you block spam and thus put your mind to rest.
Whenever a advertising company sends you junk mail to your e-mail account, this is called spam. If you have ever used online e-mail, then you are aware of spam. This is the junk mail that you get from online companies by the truck loads. The problem until recently was that there was not much you could do about spam. Sure the government stepped in and said that all companies had to put a link in their e-mails to allow you to un-subscribe to their spam if you wanted to. Of course, this was hard to do, because you would get thousands of spam e-mails flooding your e-mail box everyday. It took to much time to go through and un-subscribe to all of them. However, your e-mail client stepped in to save the day, and in a way they kind of had to. See your e-mail client needs you as a customer. This is because they run ads on their web site to pay for it. The more customers they have, the more people who are seeing those ads, and the more companies will pay to place an ad on the web site. Of course, if the only thing you are getting from your e-mail client is spam, then you are not going to want to use their e-mail system. Thus they chose to step in and help us out.

The way your e-mail client helps you remove spam for your in-box, is by making a spam folder. As you get mail from people you can choose to mark it as spam. When you do that, your e-mail client (weather it be Yahoo, Google, or who ever) knows that you do not like that company sending you emails and they mark it as spam. So the next e-mail you get form that company goes straight to your spam folder. From there you can delete all your spam mail with one click. That is a lot faster than going thought all your mail and looking for all your spam to delete it. Although this system still does not work perfectly, it keeps on getting better all the time, which is good for us. As you mark more e-mails as spam your e-mail client will learn more about what e-mails you want and which ones you do not. If you mark a company spam by mistake, you can easily fix it. Just go to your spam folder and choose to make that letter you just put in there as not spam. It is really that simple. Everything online does not have to be as hard as people make it out to be. One day this system may be up and running as good as we wish it was today, but we have to give it some time, it is still pretty new.

So the next time your e-mail box gets over run with spam, just remember that you can have your e-mail client help you out. Of course, you can still do it the old fashion way if you want to. By that I mean click on each link in that e-mail and take the time to un-subscribe from a company that you did not even sign up for in the first place. That is what makes people so mad. They get e-mails form places they did not sign up with. Sometimes it is a good idea to read the terms and agreement before signing up for a sites. Sometimes it will tell you that it has the right to give out your information to third party companies, and that is not good for you. Those are just a few things that you should look out for the next time you go to join a site and they ask you to put in your e-mail address.
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