Billie Piper - The Sultry Siren

Billie Paul Piper or Billie Piper, as she is better known is a well know English actress. She was born in the year 1982 and initiated her career as a pop singer only in her teens! However, she was more famous for her marriage to DJ Chris Evans. She is at present best known for her portraying Rose Tyler, the companion to the Doctor in the television series Doctor Who from 2005 to 2006. It was her performance in the role of Doctor Who that made her instantly famous and a household name in the whole of United Kingdom.
Billie Piper had her first break in the entertainment world as a teenager, at the time of her selection to appear on the Sunday morning in a television show for the kids, known as Scratchy and Co. However, Billie Piper in the later years acted in a role for a television commercial for promoting the pop magazine Smash Hits. It was her effcient performance in this project that offered her record deal at the age of fifteen, and in 1998 Billie Piper became the youngest artist ever to debut at number one in the UK Singles chart with "Because We Want To", released under the name of the artist "Billie". Her follow-up single "Girlfriend" also debuted at number one and her first album, Honey to the B (released just afterwards) debuted at Number 14 in the UK album charts. She released two further singles off the album, "She Wants You" and "Honey to the Bee"; both songs debuted at Number 3. However Billie Piper took a gap of a year before her recording of the second album. She returned to the Singles Chart in May 2000 with a new, sexier sound. It was for these sensataional performances that helped Billie Piper to be nominated for two BRIT Awards and was also named as the Best Female Star at the Smash Hits Poll Winners' Party. Meanwhile, it was on 15th January, 2007 the BBC Radio1 DJ Chris Moyles initiated a campaign to get "Honey to the Bee" back into the Top 100 on download sales as a manner of tsting out new chart rules favoring download sales, the best example of the impact of the sensational performance of Billie Piper! We shall have to keep it in mind, that the campaign became highly successful, with "Honey to the Bee" re-entering the official UK singles chart at #17, eight years after it was first released. It was in the year 2003, Billie Piper decided to put an end to her pop career and to retirn to her oricinal ambition, and it was nothing except acting. Being of a humble nature and to learn the fundamentals of acting she acted in the BBC television series The Canterbury Tales, the modern version of the stories of Chaucer. It was also at the same time that she acted in the one-off drama Bella and the Boys. The favorable response and very positive reviews of the audinece for these appearances made Billie Piper confident with critics seemingly feeling that she was a far better actress than she was a singer. With the same confidence she appeared in the films The Calcium Kid, in the year 2004, as the romantic interest of Orlando Bloom's character and also in Things to do Before You're Thirty.
Again,, besides her actiing work, Billie Piper has also begun to provide voiceovers for various television commercials, of which one includes for Comfort Fabric Softener, airing in the month of June, in 2007. it has also ben found that Piper also appears in an ITV2 adaptation of Belle de Jour, a book portraying the life of a high-class prostitute. The racy new show is entitled as the Secret Diary of a Call Girl and is airing from 27th September, 2007. The series sees Piper in several semi-nude scenes, where one scene features her saddling a client and riding him like a horse. In her personal life she is dating with actor Laurence Fox, son o james Fox, and are living together in their new home in a village in West Sussex. It has been learnt, that they are preently engaged with the wedding date set for December 31, 2007.
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