Best at Joshua Tree Hotels

While March is known to be the peak season at Joshua Tree California, wait a month later (April) in vacationing at this famed outdoor park for a chance to catch the tail end of the beautiful wildflowers of Joshua Tree Park and yet feel the slightly smaller crowds of the high season. Another great benefit to going slightly off-season would be the savings you can experience in finding Joshua Tree Hotels in the area.

Joshua Tree California straddles the Mojave and Colorado deserts.  But Joshua Tree Park actually offers three distinct landscapes to nature lovers:  (1) The northern high desert with its lunar-like rock formations and craggy Joshua tree forests, (2) The southern low desert with its wide-open vistas and jagged peaks, and finally (3) The transition zone with its features from both the northern and southern landscapes as well as cholla cactus gardens and spidery ocotillo patches.

Low-priced Joshua Tree Hotels nearby include the High Desert Inn and the Joshua Tree Hotels chains that claim rooms for under $100.00.  Still other Joshua Tree Hotels include the Motel 6 at $40.00 per night, the Yucca Inn at $52.00 per night, the High Desert Motel at $58.00 per night, the Super 8 Motel at $59.00 per night, the Holiday Inn at $87.00 per night, and still many more choices to choose from.  The key to finding the best price at Joshua Tree Hotels is the distance from the hotel to the park.  Of course, the farther the Joshua Tree Hotels are, the cheaper the rates will be.  But in general, most Joshua Tree Hotels can provide reasonable rates of under $100.00 even in the month of April.

For those who prefer an alternative lodging to that of the various Joshua Tree Hotels, there are properties available such as the Surf n' Turf Vacation Properties.  This property is ideal for any type of desert vacation; families, artist retreat, yoga/meditation, astronomy, birding, wildlife viewing, hiking or climbing. Spectacular vistas, beautiful sunsets followed by incredible star-filled nights. Secluded yet in close proximity to the park this property truly is a one-of-a-kind desert oasis.

Make sure you book in advance when planning your vacation to Joshua Tree California so that you have one less thing to worry about.  Great sites to visit at the Joshua Tree Park are Carey's Castle which is an abandoned, mysterious, hidden shelter of a desert squatter.  Other attraction sites include the mysterious cavern/cave; Lost Horse Mine is considered an historic mine that is part of Joshua Tree National Park.  This site is an ideal hiking area.

Popular food venues in Joshua Tree California include the #1 rated Arturo's, Joshua Tree specialty Mexican cuisine with an average price per meal of $10.  There are also the Park Rock Café, the American cuisined Crossroads Café & Tavern, and if you prefer the exotic Siam theme of Royal SIAM Cuisine Restaurant.

There is so much to enjoy at Joshua Tree Park.  There are the breath-taking waterfalls as a personal favorite, the amazing peaks and vistas, and don't forget to take those backpacking trips and oasis.  Don't let modern urban living deaden your senses.  It will only frustrate your spirit.  Planning an outdoor adventure on your own can prove a logistical nightmare if you don't have the requisite training or experience.  So do your homework.  A quality outdoor vacation can restore your spirits, get you back in shape, and bring you in touch with nature. 

If you're going to go solo, consider joining one of the many pre-planned package trips where you're bound to meet great people. Whether you're searching for a light adventure or an unforgettable trek into the wilderness, Joshua Tree California is a perfect vacation spot.

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