Being VA Single

It is wonderful being a VA single! There are so many fun things to do and new people to meet right here in Virginia. Whether you are a lunch-eater (who isn't?), a dog lover, or a wine connoisseur, take advantage of this great state where we reside, and go out there and meet other stimulating single people, just like you!

Well, you know what they say, "Virginia is for lovers." That's why it is so much fun being single in Virginia!  There are many places to go and plenty to do if you are interested in meeting other single people. I have decided that being a VA single is not half bad.

If you are a VA single, you probably enjoy meeting all sorts of new people in different and exciting ways. Good thing Virginia has tons of different programs that have been created for singles in mind. If you want to meet other singles just like you, consider this list your personal Virginia guide to being single:

It's Just Lunch
No hassle, no ties, no worries. We all have to eat lunch, so why not do something exciting, and meet a new person during your lunch break? It's Just Lunch will hand-select a VA single that matches your personality, and yes, physical requirements. All you have to do is show up for the date. Who knows, you could potentially meet someone special. Or, at least a new lunch buddy. So go ahead and do it! What do you have to lose? It's just lunch after all.

Dog Parks
Whether you own a dog or not, you can meet the best people (dog people) at your local dog park. Let's face it, if you are looking for a VA female, dogs are chick magnets. Their fuzzy faces, their soulful eyes-they literally beg for attention. If you have a dog, why not solicit their help and allow them assist you in finding another VA single? And if you do not have a dog, your excuse for hanging out at the dog park is that your place does not allow dogs, and you need your daily dog fix.  Some Virginia dog parks include:
• Clarendon Park (Arlington).
• Duke Street Dog Park (Alexandria).
• Vienna Dog Park (Vienna).
• Barker Field (Dogwood Dell) at Byrd Park (Richmond).
• Baron Cameron Park (Reston).
• Woodstock Park (Virginia Beach).

Wine Bars
I have met some of the best people I know when a little bit of alcohol is involved. But, sometimes the bar scene gets old. Many of the local bars are full of rowdy individuals just looking for a good time. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but sometimes we want a good conversation, too. That's why wine bars are so much fun. The tend to be more quiet than bars, so you can meet a VA single and actually hear what his or her name is when you are introduced. Plus, wine is an immediate conversation starter: "What kind of wine are you drinking?" Or, "I prefer a oaky Chardonnay, how about you?"

Believe it or not, there are many fascinating museums right here in Virginia. A museum is a wonderful place to meet someone. Spend a weekend afternoon at a museum that interests you, and talk to another VA single who catches your eye. Just ask the other person if they have ever been there before and see what happens. Most museum-goers are happy to talk shop. Some interesting museums in Virginia include:
• Edgar Allan Poe Museum (Richmond).
• Virginia War Museum (Newport News).
• Chrysler Museum of Art (Norfolk).
• Science Museum of Virginia (Richmond).

So, take advantage of your single status. There are plenty of genuinely nice single Virginians out there waiting to meet you. Don't stay at home when there are so many things to do in your own, personal Virginia!

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