Beautiful Russian nudists

Russian naturism is a growing movement in the heart of the former soviet Republic. Russian nudists believe in the spirituality and harmony of nature, and that nudism is a natural free way of life. Russian nudists generally have a strong Christian faith and believe that they, like the beautiful nature of Mother Russia, are God's creation. Russian nudists enjoy a free style of life.
From the lovely Baltic Sea, to the Russian nudists capital of St. Petersburg, naturism in Russia has grown by leaps and bounds since the dissolution of the communist block and the disbandment of the former communist led Soviet Union. Russian nudists have formed their own union, groups, and communes all across the large historic Eurasian nation. Russian nudist and naturists enjoy the wide open plains and beautiful terrain that makes up a vast portion of the large country. Much like its former enemy and current ally, the United States, Russia is a vast and varied country, though it has a much deeper lineage and a much larger more sanctified heritage. It is a storied nation whose history dates back past the birth of the Christ. Most Russian nudists in fact believe strongly in the Messiah and long to experience nature at its barest.

Russian nudists are a very healthy bunch for the most part. Very physically fit and trim. Just look at Russian athletes in this day and age such as Sergei Federov, Maria Sharapova, and Pavel Bure, they are all healthy and vibrant, and tend to age slower than other peoples. The Russian people as a whole are a very healthy people, largely due to the work ethic required to exist in Russia, Russia is a largely blue collar nation filled with physical people that live off of the rugged land harvesting their needs with blood, sweat, and tears. Russian nudists fit this mold even more so as they believe spiritually in harmony with nature. Not only do they strive to live off of the land, they strive to be one with their natural surroundings without upsetting the balance of man, god, and country. Russia is a tough, rugged country with large portions of unsettled territory and brutally harsh winters. That being said, there are numerous spas and resorts all over the country that were built by and specifically for Russian nudists. They are visited by tens of thousands of nudists every year, and in some cases the spas are high traffic tourist destinations due the beauty of the resorts. Russian nudists often live naturally as whole families with naturist churches, gatherings, activities, and communes.

Russian nudists work closely with the Christian and catholic churches that are the central religion of the old country. There are nudist and naturist organizations all over the country from border to border, and in all the major cities including even Moscow. There are even Russian nudist organizations in the heart of the most god awful inhabited land, perhaps, on the face of this planet. Russian naturists even exist in what was once a winter prison known as Siberia. There are brave and crazy Russian nudists that weather the sub zero temperatures of large bodies of water in Russia in the heart of the coldest of winters. Hypothermia or not, they believe so strongly in naturism that they risk their bodies in freezing waters and icy conditions, like naked polar bears, to experience nature at its most brutal. If that isn’t a true exhibition of a desire to experience nature, then I certainly don’t know what is.
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