Bad To Talk Offtopic

The internet is growing bigger by the day, and more chat rooms keep popping up because of it. There are more special topic chat rooms now that require you to talk on a specific subject and are not just free topics. If you talk offtopic on many of these chat rooms you will get kicked off by that chat room MOD. This is because there is a growing danger when people enter chat rooms to talk offtopic.
Chat rooms are a great place to meet people and find others that are into topics that you like. Most chat rooms have a special topic that you have to talk on when being on that site. If you talk offtopic then you could (and should) be kicked off, or even worse, banned from that site. Of course, this is for the safety of everyone using the chat room. When you are in a chat room everyone can see what you are typing, so it is a good idea to be careful before you respond to any questions asked. Everyone is watching you, so when choosing a screen name to log in as, be sure it is not gender specific or identifiable. Try to keep your screen name clean. There is no reason to offend anyone while you are in a chat room. Also, do not talk offtopic when you visit these chat rooms; there is no need to get yourself banned.

When people are talking offtopic in a chat room it is a good idea to keep your guard up. Do not give out any personal information when talking to these people, especially if they are talking offtopic. Your real name, address, phone number, social security number, or any other identifiable piece of information should be left out of these chat rooms. Make sure they cannot get a hold of your email either because then they can spam you with junk mail. Also, do not download anything these people tell you to download from them. Even if you have a virus protection system, a virus could be a brand new one or a virus could just slip by and then you are infected. Lots of times after you get infected, theirs nothing you can do. Also, do not visit URL’s that they can send you either, unless you were expecting it. Most people that talk offtopic get removed fast by a MOD. This is someone that supervises the chat room, looking for people who are breaking the rules. It makes sense to kick these people off, because it can be very upsetting to people. Even if someone is talking offtopic, do not get into an argument or a flame war with them. This could get you kicked off for sending messages that are mean and hateful. Most of the time that is against the rules. If you just do not respond to these people soon they will be kicked off anyway. So just wait for it to happen. It is not worth getting banned over.

Other people who talk offtopic in chat rooms are looking to meet up with people. This tends to happen more in teen chat rooms. Older men try to get information about teen girls so they can find them and do whatever it is that they do. You have to be careful what information you give to these guys because they will use it against you. Also, do not agree to meet with these people. They are going to try to get you to meet them some place and you should not do that. These people may not even be who they say they are. You can never be sure if someone is your age or older because you cannot see them. It is easy to type that you are a teen, when really you are a forty year old man. I am not saying that all chat rooms are like this, but you have to know that it does happen.

When you get in a chat room, stay on topic. If you see someone who is talking offtopic, just let the MOD take care of it. This not your job, it is theirs. Just do not talk offtopic in a chat room, and you should be fine. Do not give out your personal information; you do not want anyone stealing your information either. Talking in chat rooms is fun, as long as you do it on topic. Follow these tips and you should be find.
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