A Wet T-Shirt Party

If you want to become a legend to all of your male friends then you need to have a wet t-shirt party and you need to make sure that attractive girls show up. This would require knowing what would get attractive girls to show up at a wet t-shirt party and participate and that answer completes the vicious circle and that answer is attractive guys. It can get pretty complicated so try and keep up.
In the course of trying to establish yourself as a “go to” guy among your male friends you may want to consider having a wet t-shirt party. A wet t-shirt party can be had at any gentlemen’s club on any given weekend but what if you were to pull of a successful wet t-shirt party of your own where attractive girls showed up and participated? At this point this is starting to sound like the plot to a bunch of really bad 1980’s movies but what we are trying to offer here is some practical advice that will help you get one step closer to being nothing short of a god among your male friends and one step closer to being the ultimate male pig to your female friends which, oddly enough, also brings you closer to god status with your male friends. So what do we need for this wet t-shirt party? Let us start with the basics first.

No wet t-shirt party can even get started without some white t-shirts first. You could rely on the girls to bring their own t-shirts but chances are they will all bring t-shirts that are way too thick and that would do nothing for your captive male audience. You need thin and cheap white t-shirts for the real effect and to be sure that the right t-shirts are worn you have to supply them. It is the only way to make sure the right shirts are worn and it also seems like the gentlemanly thing to do. It may not make any sense to you but to the girls involved it can seem to make all the sense in the world that supplying them with cheap t-shirts for your wet t-shirt party is such a kind and wonderful act. It is also assumed that no one is getting fooled here so don’t feel guilty.

The next thing you need to do is to make sure there will actually be a competition that will involve girls wearing wet t-shirts at the wet t-shirt party and that can be accomplished by two things that seem to spin around the great way of life when it comes to parties. Those two things are money and attractive guys. Girls will get involved in a wet t-shirt party if they are competing for a prize and if the judges deciding who wins those prizes are attractive guys. So how do you get the money? You charge the attractive guys. You announce that you are having a wet t-shirt party and that there will be an admission charge to enter for all guys and for girls that will not be competing in the wet t-shirt party contest. If the guys know there will be attractive girls in wet t-shirts then they will gladly pay the admission. If the attractive girls know that there will be attractive guys at the wet t-shirt party and cash prizes for being involved in the competition then they will be glad to participate. The more attractive guys you get, which is the easy part, then the more attractive girls you will get. The more attractive girls you get then you will get more guys willing to pay admission to see your wet t-shirt party and then you can offer more prize money which attracts more girls. The simplicity is the beauty of it and the effectiveness is almost predictable. Plus you stand to make a nice profit yourself which you will need to pay your bail and your lawyer when this party is over.

So that is how you do it. You get the guys and the money then you get the girls. The more girls you get the more guys you get and the more money you get. It just keeps going around and around until party night when everything just goes crazy.
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