Awesome Adventure Trip to Knotts

As temperatures start to rise, Knott's Soak City opens its doors to more than 20 rides in 2006. With a 1950s Southern California theme, Knotts water adventure park features single-rider high-speed slides, inner-tube slide flumes, a wave pool, lazy river rides and a children's pool and activity area. Knotts, America's first theme operator offers long boards, surf woodies, and beach themes for the wildest, wettest and coolest place in the desert. Knotts's soak has just what everyone needs to keep cool! Along with the multitude of rides, slides and plenty of fun are guaranteed to make vacationing eventful.

People are blessed with the ability to change their environments and situations to suit their liking.  Family vacations can be relaxing, adventurous, and joyful.  Family vacations are a special time to be playful and share experiences with each other.  However, kids' expectations and interest play a big part in the decision-making for picking the perfect spot.  Realistic expectations and careful planning is the key.  

Most often, parents find themselves in cities that enjoy a multitude of amusement parks such as Knotts' soak so that part of the vacation would entail spending time in places of interest that would make their children's time enjoyable.  But parents need to make sure they value their own needs as much as their children's. That is why Knotts is such a great idea: huge waterslides for all ages and nerve levels and fun times for adults!

Though this is a wonderful idea, Knotts Berry Farm theme park has undergone some changes.  Knotts is into more than just berries and Peanuts these days.  The first ever Knotts' Soak City opened in Anaheim in May 15, 2000, next door to its parent company Knotts Berry Farm.  Opening for 2006, Knott's Soak now enjoys a huge wave pool available to practice bodysurfing skills.  Knotts also have a slow-moving river you can float down in an inner tube, the speed slides at Tidal Wave Tower offer the biggest adrenaline jolt, and the Sea Snake tube slide isn't bad either. The most impressive rides at Knotts include, the Balboa Bay Wave Pool--500,000 gallons of water--one of the largest in Southern California, the Coronado Express starts at the height of 78 feet and propells you for a 668 foot raft ride. But for many kids, the all-out water balloon fights are the most fun.
For those who want a slower paced Knotts adventure, scale the climbing wall or just kick back at the cabana. Spring of 2006 will prove to be a spectacular event with new additional rides and activities available. 

While thrill rides make up the bread and butter of  Knotts' soak city park, not everyone looks for a high-intensity, stomach-churning adventure. Many parents prefer Gentle Rides. Thrill Rides, while less exciting and intense than basic Roller Coasters, do offer some intensity.  Choosing Knotts as a vacation spot for families would accommodate both parents and kids.

Remember to think of children's interest as well as your own when picking vacation spots.  While amusement parks such as Magic Mountain, Disneyland, and many others sufficiently will accommodate guests, those who absolutely will not ride coasters will flock to the Water Rides of Knott's Soak City during the summer months and even in autumn and spring, too. These Water Rides can rival coasters in terms of excitement and intensity so does not let that thought come across to mind when planning.

 So when temperatures climb to more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, this 16-acre wetland of Knotts' Soak City will seem just like paradise. 
Knotts' Soak City Hrs:  10:00 am-closing varies and subject to change; open weekends      

April through mid-May and September 

Price of Admission:    

$25.95 adults, $14.95 children ages 3-11; $15.95 adult and $11.95      

kids admission after 3:00 pm (prices, promotions, and attraction       subject to change). New senior prices of $14.95 now available.

Season Pass:  $65 adults, $45 kids good for Palm Springs, Orange County, and San Diego

Parking $7
Knotts Soak City:  Orange County, San Diego, and Palm Springs.

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