A Welcome Break From The Dark Alaska Days Of Winter

During a long winter in Alaska, days sometimes seem monotonous because the sun doesn't shine for several months, leaving the state bathed in perpetual twilight. Alaska Day is a lively and welcome relief from this sometimes boring season of the year. On Alaska Day, residents of this unique and beautiful state come together to celebrate their home state and everything that is special about life in Alaska.

For people spending a long winter in Alaska, days sometimes seem to run together.  One great way to break up the long stretches of dark and cold Alaska days is by celebrating holidays with vigor whenever they arise.  Alaska Day is one of these special holidays that help to break up the darkness with its festive lights.  During winter in Alaska, days start to seem very much alike because in some parts of Alaska the sun doesn't shine for several months at a stretch during the winter.  This leads to the feeling of Alaska days running into Alaska nights without much difference.  This can be quite depressing for Alaska residents, and Alaska day is a special day that provides a very welcome change from the humdrum monotony of an Alaska winter.  Alaska day is very special to Alaska residents for the reason that it helps to break up the long and sometimes boring stretch of the dark Alaska days during October, but not for this reason alone.

Alaska Day celebrates the anniversary of the day when Alaska became officially a territory that was controlled by the United States of America.  This day is very special to the citizens of this unique state because it marks the time when Alaska joined the greatest nation in the world.  Alaska is one of the most recent states to become a part of the United States, so this holiday is of importance to people all over the country because it shows the enduring appeal and power of America in the modern age.  However, many people outside of the state of Alaska are not even aware of the fact that this day is a holiday.  The meaning behind Alaska Day is something that is universally acknowledged and appreciated, but the day itself is not often celebrated or remarked upon by people who live in different parts of the nation.

Alaska Day falls in October, at the beginning of the Alaskan winter season.  The beautiful shimmering days of summer are at this point in the year a thing of the past, and Autumn is beginning to turn to winter.  October is a bittersweet month in Alaska, because residents begin to remember what the reality of life in the dark winter is really like.  Although the months of perpetual twilight are strangely beautiful and some residents consider the ongoing darkness an important part of what makes Alaska special, most people who live in Alaska prefer the other months of the year to this crepuscular season.  Alaska Day celebrations provide a welcome relief from the monotony of winter just as it begins to set it, and this makes Alaska Day one of the most important fall holidays on the Alaskan calendar.  On Alaska Day, residents of this special and unique state join together to remember their history and to celebrate the fact that Alaska is an important part of the United States.  Although living in Alaska may be a bit more rural and sometimes more difficult than living in one of the lower forty-eight states is, most people who live in Alaska would not trade their location for any other.  Alaska is a beautiful state with some of the most stunning natural wilderness left on the continent of North America, and this holiday allows the brave and strong residents of Alaska to celebrate everything that is special and unique about their home.

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