A Wave of the Future: Dedicated Videoconferencing

Once, the thought of video conferencing reminded us of George Orwell's Big Brother. Now it seems that dedicated systems are popping up all over the internet. From Matchmaking to Small Business, everyone has his or her hand in the pot. MSN, AIM, Yahoo! and many other internet providers also have messenger services that serve as dedicated video conferencing systems.

Dedicated videoconferencing once meant that you needed a system built specifically for video conferencing.  Today, however, you can still get dedicated videoconferencing systems, but they will come in the form of a download.  Dedicated videoconferencing technology has come a long way since its first concept in 1968.  The first dedicated conferencing system was very slow to refresh and there were worries that it would actually be worse than taking a simple conference call.  The idea of eye contact in the business world is an important one.  The thought that if the dedicated videoconferencing system did not refresh fast enough could leave someone looking in the wrong direction worrisome. 

Today we have almost perfected the art of dedicated video conferencing.  The technology has been used in everything from matchmaking services to small business conferences.  We think of it as common stream and it no longer needs anything more than a web cam and microphone to set on top of your computer.  You simply download the software and the next thing you know you are having a conversation in your pajamas.  This is the next concern that most people have with dedicated videoconferencing systems.  When it comes to online dating and making friends the advantage that it gives you is that you do not have to rely on how you look.  You can get to know a person before they see how you look.  With matchmaking services all turning to dedicated video conferencing services there is no longer a safety barrier for people to hide behind.  They are right out in the open for everyone to see.  I guess, if you are good-looking, that might even be a benefit instead of a negative to the video dating world.

The upside of dedicated video conferencing is that there is no longer a barrier of distance to set people apart.  It can bring soul mates from across the world together in the same room.  People in two different countries can get to know each other in no time what so ever.  They will be face-to-face with each other in a matter of moments.  Dedicated video conferencing, in essence, has made the world a smaller place.  Some might even consider it a benefit to be able to work from home in their pajama bottoms with the benefit of a dedicated video conferencing system.  I know that if I did not have to leave the house I would not.

In the end, there may be a time that we no longer have to leave our house.  Right now, we can shop and earn money from the comfort of our home.  We do not even have to pick up the phone for most things anymore.  Anything you want (and some things you do not want) in the world is available at the click of a mouse.  Soon we will not even have to pick up the phone to speak to the grandkids.  Every house will be equipped with its own dedicated video conferencing system.  International business will boom.  Children will attend school from home, parents will work from home, and there will be no reason to leave the house at all.  Unless of course you work for a delivery service, then you will never be home at all!  In a nutshell dedicated video conferencing systems will be the next wave of internet business.

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