A Wabbit In Your Computer With An Online Match

Millions of online matchmaking websites are irresistible to single people that it makes them forget to keep themselves safe from malicious malwares. Malware which are also known as malicious software spreads in your computer really fast to make your life suck. The malware that are usually found on these online matchmaking sites is a wabbit. It’s called a wabbit due to the fast way it spreads itself in a computer with staying unnoticed by the user, making your computer slow or impossible to use.
Let us first see what malware really is and damages that it can cause to one’s computer as many people confuse viruses with malwares and cannot differentiate between them. A malware unlike Trojans and viruses is known for the way they spread rather than any other particular behavior. A common difference given between viruses and malware is that a virus requires user interference to spread however; a malware can spread in a computer on its own without the consent of the user.

The malware that we are going to talk about today is called a wabbit. Despite of its funny pronunciation it sounds cute but does not lessen the damage it can cause to a computer. This malicious software is present on online matchmaking websites which tend to be the biggest attraction for every single in any country. The purpose of a wabbit is to take up all the free space available in your computer that no new programs could be opened until the other programs are closed which is exactly what a wabbit wants. The more free space a wabbit gets the quicker it spreads using up all your processing speed and making your computer useless to work on. If you do get a wabbit in your computer than you should consider yourself unlucky as it is very hard to get rid of. The wabbit keeps spreading so fast in your computer that it makes it impossible for you to even locate where it’s coming from and by the time you realize it has already screwed your computer.

Some common examples of malware include spyware, Trojan, worms, adware and horses. A common example of a wabbit is a fork bomb. This malware relies on the assumption that the number of processes being carried out has a limit. A fork bomb creates a large number of fake processes so quickly that it saturates the processes that computer has on queue. A fork bomb just does not use a processing queue of a computer but it uses the processor speed, time and memory which results in slowing down a computer or crashing it down. To stop the fork bomb to crash down your computer the only option you have is to reboot.

With this incredible technology of an internet one wonders why it has viruses, malwares and what not to ruin someone’s day. Well the answer to this question is very simple first that every strong invention must be used with protection. Second of all the mean people out there who create these malwares just like to ruin someone else’s day which makes them feel a little good about themselves. That is true it’s sad and pathetic but happens.

Now I would recommend not going to the internet to avoid getting a wabbit but internet has become a part of our lives that it’s now impossible to keep away from, as one has to go online at sometime. So another way you can avoid these malware is to get good malware protection software and keep your computer on a daily virus, malware, and Trojan scan. Make sure you check what you install or download to your personal computer and keep your firewalls updated. Keep yourself prepared for the worst and backup all your important files on folders you have on your computer. This way a wabbit can be caught as soon as it hops into your computer and you can have an ideal match with a running computer.
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