Autumn Wedding Flowers And Other Autumn Wedding Ideas

Your autumn wedding flowers are just the beginning when it comes to planning the décor of your fall nuptials. Remember, fall is a time of changing seasons, transitions and nature's bounty. Incorporate natural elements from berries to leaves to grasses to pumpkins into your plan for your autumn wedding flowers, and you'll have a beautiful fall affair. Read on for more autumn wedding ideas.
Looking for autumn wedding ideas? Wondering how you will decorate using autumn wedding flowers? When you’re trying to plan your fall nuptials, remember that the season of autumn is one of nature’s bounty; so don’t limit your décor to flowers. Consider using other natural elements that show the beauty of the changing seasons. Grasses, leaves, branches and berries are all great complements to your autumn wedding flowers. The colors of autumn are varying hues of brown, red, gold and green. When you choose natural elements in these tones, they will add texture to your autumn wedding flowers.

Choosing your autumn wedding flowers
When you think of the flowers of fall, you typically picture chrysanthemums. But your autumn wedding flowers don’t have to be limited to mums. Consider incorporating roses into your bouquets and table arrangements. Choose muted natural tones, including antique white, or if you want bold swashes of color, choose roses in deep burgundy or gold. Your autumn wedding flowers can bring a sense of rich opulence to your wedding, especially if you use them simply and elegantly.

Adding other elements for texture
Complement your autumn wedding flowers with sprinklings of grasses, leaves, branches and/or berries on stalks to create a rich look. Or, if you want to go with a traditional fall theme, bring nature to your nuptials using pumpkins and different shapes and sizes of squashes and gourds. Don’t forget the dried ears of corn. These can be quite colorful and beautiful if arranged in a nice way. You might consider making centerpieces out of pumpkins. If it’s a Halloween wedding, why not go for jack-o-lanterns on the tables. Put little candles inside, and you’ll have a delightfully spooky way to light your guests’ tables. Or, hollow out the pumpkins and fill them with dried ears of corn, branches, berry stalks and grasses.

Other autumn wedding ideas
Fall is a time of harvest, so why not send your guests home with a little of nature’s bounty as wedding favors? Buy fresh produce such as mini zucchini and corn on the cob from a local farmer’s market, and package it beautifully with wide gold ribbons. Or, for the fall planters among you, send home little packets of seeds with your guests so they can plant them when they get home. They’ll remember the great time they had at your wedding every time they see the flowers that spring up from where they planted your wedding favor seeds.

What are you going to serve at your autumn wedding? Again, fall is a time of harvest, so the fare should include lots of vegetables. For a traditional Thanksgiving-type meal, serve sliced turkey breast, stuffing, fresh green beans, mashed potatoes and cranberries. Start the meal with a pumpkin soup served in tiny hollowed-out pumpkins. You might even consider making your wedding or groom’s cake a carrot cake with cream cheese icing. This could be beautifully decorated with real or artificial leaves in all the fall colors, roses to match your bouquets, or even with berries in deep reds and burgundy. The forest is the limit when it comes to autumn wedding ideas!
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