Aurora Single Women in Aurora, Illinois? You?re Pulling My Leg!

There are a few places - probably more than a few places actually - that I would never consider going. Aurora, Illinois is such a place. Not because the city and scenery isn't beautiful, and the Aurora single women aren't great. It's just I don't feel any connection to the city. I'm sure there's a lot going on. Despite my best efforts not to, that's probably exactly why fate sent me to Aurora on business.

The news hit me straight between the eyes: I was going on a business trip to Aurora, Illinois. Aurora, where? But that's what makes life such an adventure. Blaze a trail where once there was none! And believe me; I'd never blazed a trail in Aurora Illinois. So I had some catching up to do. I also had an itinerary to create. I wasn't going to spend a week on business and not encounter any Aurora single women. Hopefully that doesn't sound bad. But why should I visit the cities points-of-interest alone? Why not squire around the town and enjoy the sights with an Aurora single girl on my arm? And who knows, it might lead to something more profound. God forbid an Aurora wedding is the result.

So I hit the internet and found a few items of interest. The "Downtown Aurora Walking Tour". Bound to be some Aurora single women signed up for that one, right? Uh-uh. Then there's "America's Brewpub". Got to be some Aurora single babes hanging out there, right? I mean, where there's beer there's women. Certainly I was going to mark that location down. Plus it sounded historic: the oldest existing limestone roundhouse in the United States. A mouthwatering choice of American regional cuisine. Microbrewery in the back. But would I meet an Aurora single? This would bare further investigation.

What else: The Hollywood Casino. Just like it sounds, this is a theme attraction with Hollywood as its focus! In between the movie memorabilia, posters and other bric-brac, the casino is supposed to offer a two-deck blackjack game and lots of slot machines. There's no doubt in my mind I will find Aurora singles here. Women love to gamble! Isn't that marriage is all about?  Other games of chance include Caribbean stud poker and press your luck in the "double down" video poker machines. There's a steak house which has a decent enough reputation also. And it's on a riverboat, so once we leave there's no turning back. Another great combination of alcohol and gambling.

Another search revealed that Savannah's Restaurant & Tea Room got five stars as a great place to go. But it seems like more of a family style restaurant. Any establishment that describes itself as "elegant, yet casual" has me scratching my head right off bat. I'm thinking I won't be bumping into any Aurora single girls here. Don't think an Aurora wedding will be the result of a few hours spent in this establishment. This place is a tea room/restaurant. So I think I need to meet someone first and then decide to go there otherwise I'll be dining alone.
Well, this business trip is going to be challenging. Not the business end of it. That would be easy. No, the business of finding an Aurora single looks to be a full time job in itself. But then, isn't that always the case when you want to meet someone?
My last option would be on-line dating in Aurora, Illinois. I'm not to keen on that, because automatically I'm choosing an option that is keeping me in my room. And how the heck am I going to me an Aurora single girl if I'm in my room? So I opt for the next best thing; I sign up for several Speed Dating encounters that seem like a sure thing. I will meet several women at each function and hopefully the follow-up will result in a date. I try not to get too caught up in the fact that I have to pay for this service, because that makes me feel like a soliciting for companionship. I guess in a way I am! I guess this business trip will turn out OK after all.

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