At Olympics Sport Events, Countries Compete

There is nothing better to watch than Olympic sporting events. This is because at Olympics sport events, countries compete, and I think that is what is the most fun to watch. These events are usually a lot more fun to watch than some of the other sporting events that you are going to see, that come on TV. Also, I like watching these sporting events because they use the official rules of the games, so there is no cheating that goes on. Of course, at Olympics sport events, if you cheat, then you get thrown out of the games, and cannot play anymore.
There are so many different games at Olympics sport events, that there is something for everyone. I think that is why so many different people watch it from all over the world. You see, at other sporting events, there is just one sport event going on, so if you do not like that event, then you are just out of luck. However, at Olympics sport events, you have a change to see all of your favorite sporting events. The athletes that play in these games are very fun to watch. Of course, not all the athletes that play at Olympics sport events are as good as the other ones. This is why a lot of them try and cheat at Olympics sport events. They know that this is the only way that they are going to be able to beat some of these people. That is why a lot of them take different types of drugs. However, if you get caught taking these drugs, then you are not allowed to be in at Olympics sport events. This is something that they do not play around with, because it is not fair for people. Not all people are as fast as others or they do not have the power to win an event. That does not give them the right to cheat to win. If you cannot beat one of the people at Olympics sport events, then you are not the best person in the world at that sport. This is not something that you should try and steal away from another person. Of course, at Olympics sport events, the only people that get remembered are the people that get Gold medals. If you get second place, it is like no one remembers who you are, only the gold winner.

I like to watch the Olympics because I can watch it with my whole family. This is a sporting event that everyone is going to get into. Also, it is one of the few sporting events where whole countries are finally working together, and pulling for the same people. Usually people always like to pull for different teams when they are watching sporting events, but when you are watching the Olympics sporting event, then your whole nation cheers for the same people together. If you are from America, you are going to pull for the American team. If you are from Canada, then you are going to pull for the Canadian team. I think this is great because it is hard to get all the people in one area to all agree on the same thing. Of course, once we do all agree on something, then it is a sight to see, and this goes for any nation. I really enjoy watching it, and so does my family. This is one of the sporting events where we all sit down together, and watch it as a family. That is not something that happens very often so when it does it really is a sight to see, and remember for my whole family. Of course, being at Olympics sport events is better than watching it on TV, but not everyone gets a chance to be at Olympics sport events.

There is nothing like a whole group of people sitting together, and cheering for the same team. It brings people closer together, and that is something that can only happen at Olympics sport events. If your family has never sat down together, and watched all these sporting events, then you do not know what you are missing. I have such a good time watching these events, that I do not know what more I would rather do. To me, anything that is able to bring families together like these sporting events, is like nothing that I have ever seen. I enjoy it so much that we watch it whenever it comes on.
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