Atheist Dating ? Couples That Agree to Disagree

On the surface, atheist dating seems to be so absurd. But on closer inspection it's probably very convenient to date an atheist. For example, I can't begin to tell you how many arguments I've gotten into with my wife/girlfriend/lover that concerned religion and God. Obviously you don't have to worry about that particular topic being an item of contention because the Atheist doesn't believe in any of that!

So I was doing a Google search for Atheist Dating, while at the same time thinking how could such a thing as "atheist dating" exist? I mean, I'm not sure what sort of common ground two atheists share that could be the foundation of a relationship! But the fact that they don't believe in religion or organized thinking; or whatever it is that they believe or don't believe; is in itself 'something in common". And there you go -- the basis for a relationship!

Well anyway, I did some digging for a chat room or dating club for atheist dating. I was looking for somewhere I could meet atheist singles and found the following (and interesting) FAQ:

"...The FreeThinker's Match Maker was created to help people of like-minded views on religion and philosophy to meet one another. Specifically this site is for single atheists, agnostics, humanists and other nonreligious people. In today's society, at least in the United States, the vast majority of the population has religious beliefs. So it is sometimes difficult for people who have nonreligious philosophies to meet. That's where the FreeThinker's Match Maker comes in..."
Bingo! Hey all I've got to do is find someone that fits the above mentioned criteria and I'm in. I can meet atheist singles on this site! Because really, even if you're an atheist you still have to eat. Right? You still go to movies. Atheists like to have sex. I think if I found an atheist who can answer "yes" to those three questions, then right there I may have found a potential life-mate. It just seems to me that atheist dating is a smokescreen. Because at the end of the day. You're still two people who are in love (atheists do believe in love?) and who want to develop some kind of meaningful relationship.

So I logged on to one of these atheist dating sites just to see what I was dealing with. I didn't for one second think that atheists look any different from any other type of person. It's not like they have dark circles under their eyes or a scarlet letter burned onto their forehead or something. Like all other singles services, if you want to meet atheist singles you need to write down a catchy phrase. And on this site there were plenty of them. Photo's of single atheist women with captions that read "Truth? There is no truth!" and "Long winding road to nowhere". I'm not sure I want to meet atheist singles if these are the type of bylines they go by. But then, I'm not an atheist. Maybe to an atheist this type of headline is very attractive! Other than that they all seem perfectly o-k. All except for this "I'm a free thinker" attitude. Which I still don't quite get.

Well, it's not for me to say. I'm convinced that unless you meet the person face-to-face, you can't really judge them. I've discussed this whole 'atheist dating" thing with my friends and it lends itself to some humorous possibilities - intentional or not. Let's say you're in a nightclub. You see an attractive young woman. You introduce yourself. She's says 'I'm an atheist". What's the correct reply? "Great, Wanna Screw?"

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