A Successful Dinner Party Demands Planning And Great Host

A successful dinner party just may be one of the most difficult things to pull off. On the surface, a dinner party may seem like an affair for an older, more professional crowd. But with a little planning, a dinner party can be organized for virtually any age group. A dinner party doesn't need to be a stuffy, heavy handed affair; they can be fun, light hearted and more than a little entertaining.

If you're going to organize a successful dinner party, you need to target the right audience. For example, are you looking to invite colleagues, children, young adults or family and extended family? Each group may dictate a different type of dinner party. In fact, most experts recommend that no matter whom the dinner party group is, the dinner will be much more entertaining if the host plans the dinner party around a specific theme.

Having established this most important fact, consider what type of theme you want to pursue. Again, all your planning is directly liked to your guests. If you know your guests well, understand their interests and recognize the type of dynamic that exists between everyone in attendance, then you have more flexibility in the type of dinner party you're trying to pull off. Young adults enjoy feeling they are acting more like adults, and for some crazy reason, adults enjoys an opportunity to feel young again! Understand that feeling "young" doesn't mean feeling "stupid' however. You don't want to do anything that will ultimately embarrass yourself or your guests.

For example, a Hawaiian theme. A Luau can be a lot of fun if you have some space outdoors to utilize. All the more better if you have a swimming pool. A luau can be nothing more than garlands of flowers (that would be a lei for the uneducated) for the guests, tropical drinks and a Bar-B-Q that may or may not include a roast pig. Party games can include the Limbo and Hula-Dancing and karaoke. However, is a Luau the right theme for your dinner party and more importantly, your guests? Will they be comfortable doing any or all of the above? Only you -- as the host -- can answer that question.

Other themes can include who-done-it murder mysteries or western cowboy parties. Murder Mysteries especially can only be done with small groups of people - - ideally between 7 and 10 people. The cowboy party is really for all ages and doesn't compromise the integrity of anybody on the invite list.

You have noticed how important the theme of your dinner party is. But dinner party games are just as important as the theme. The dinner party games will enhance the theme of your party. You wouldn't want to have a Luau and not have hula-dancing. You wouldn't want to have a cowboy party and not invite your guests to do the two-step. See the correlation? It's all important.
So you've selected a theme, decided how many people should be there, picked the food and selected the music. All that's left really is to make the invitations and send them out. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you send out the invitations as early as possible in order to ensure that all your guests have plenty of time to plan their schedules so they can attend the dinner party.

Also, make sure you have a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available. The days of wild parties aren't long gone, but acting silly and blaming it on alcohol isn't really the politically correct thing to do. Regardless of the theme!

You can see that a successful dinner party relies on pre-planning, knowing your audience, picking a theme and linking the theme to dinner party games, good food and an exciting atmosphere. Nothing that can't be organized and pulled off. You can do it!

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