Asian naturists, the real naturists

The world is a large and unique place. There are many cultures, many races, and many creeds that exist on Mother Earth, all with different backgrounds, likes, interests and goals. Naturism is a building, growing movement on this planet. Every year its ranks grow by leaps and bounds. Probably the largest culture on this planet is the Asian culture, and the Asian Culture is probably the most suited culture to enjoy the freedom of nudity. Asian naturists have existed for hundreds of years, maybe not as organized as Western naturists, or even knowingly as naturists, but exist they have.
From the islands of the South Pacific all the way to Asia Minor to the heartland of Asia itself, there are more Asian naturists than there are any other kinds of naturists in the world. Of course France and Europe are notorious for nude beaches and topless women, but they’ve only been at it for a few decades, and are just getting used to nudism as a mainstream tradition. Asia on the other hand, particularly in the South Pacific, has practiced nudism for centuries. Toplessness is a way of life in the Pacific Islands, not an expression, largely due to the heat. It is more uncommon in the jungles of Fiji, for instance, to see someone fully clothed than it is to see someone with little or no clothing, just for utilitarian purposes. Asian naturists don’t sport the same spas, clubs, and activities as the rest of the naturist universe, and there are very few organizations, though there are a few dating services, but for the most part Asian naturists utilize nudism as a way of life, not as an escape. The Asian culture itself views nudity and sexuality in an entirely different manner than that of the Western World. Their philosophies are different, their religions are different, their ideals are different, and their forms of government and institutions are different. Asian naturists by and large know no other way of life than to exist seamlessly with nature itself. They exist seamlessly with nature because they have for centuries and that is the way that they like it, the only way some of them know at all. Relaxed, living off of the land, enjoying every day for what it is, a blessing from God.

Asian naturists live in largely undisturbed wilderness locales in the pacific. Of course there are Asian hubs and huge Metropolises, from Tokyo to Beijing, with fully clothed populations that are as uptight as a fully suited Wall Street stock broker, but as you move away from the metropolises, to the jungles, islands, and small communities, naturism rules the land by default. Civilizations on the edges of Asia are largely unrefined and unindustrialized. They are not yet ruined by the machines of modern man. They often live humble lives in thatch hutches amidst bright stars near vast salty oceans, unencumbered by the burden of debt to income ratios and technology. They live on a permanent vacation, unashamed of their suntanned bodies and relaxed smiles. They live day to day and week to week by the grace of God and the skills they have developed, handed down, and refined for many generations’. Asian naturists are the truest naturists of all, as they not only exist naturally with the land, as one with the land and the beauty and grace of nature, but they live and feed their families and clothe their people by it. Asian naturists may have the best lives of all. They have no need for vacations. They live unbothered amidst tropical paradises, no income taxes, no nine-to-five jobs, and in some cases, there’s not even a nine-to-five. What’s the point of time when life is timeless? There’s just sunset to sundown and beach fires and luau’s and starlight to enjoy.
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