Ascendancy Of Anti Feminism

Throughout the history, it has been found that women have always struggled to gain equal status, respect and the same rights like their male counterparts. What have been the main reasons behind this? It is due to the excessive dominance of the patriarchal society depicting the ultimate ideology projecting the men as superior race and possessing the conventional right to rule women. This has led to the growth a certain kind of protest in the international arena leading to the emergence of the notion of feminism. However, in the later years, witnessing the aggressiveness of feminism and its hard belief in social, political, and economic equality of the sexes ideologies like femininity, standing as perfect anti feminism has come to the fore.
When we do go by the definition of feminism it becomes apparently clear to us that is indeed a philosophy women and their contributions are valued. Since it rests on the foundation of social, political and economical equality for women, anyone in the population can be Feminists, be it men, women, girl or boys. It is indeed a movement or a revolution that has its core belief regarding both men and women, that both in this world are equal and without boundaries. To them these boundaries or blockades are nothing but stringent discriminations and biases against gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status and economic status resisting the fullest growth of women. Moreover to them, everyone views the world with his or her own sense of gender and equality while the human civilization from time immemorial is unequal. They wish to see the gender gap and the idea that men are superior to women decreased or even abolished. Now, if this has been the central idea there would have not been any such problem. But gradually the excessiveness of its implementation has given rise to several ideologies who are ideologies who are out and out anti feminism. Even the basic concept of communism, in spite of pledging a society free form exploitation, anarchy and disorder has been the target of staunch criticisms by the feminists. Witnessing the faulty implementation of the socialist policies in the erstwhile Soviet Union and East European satellites, to them even the noble ideals of Marxism has been dubbed as anti feminism. Not to speak of the third world countries like India, China and several others! But we are aware that according to the Third Law of Motion of Sir Isaac Newton, every action has its equal and opposite reaction! It is the application of this law that has perhaps reduced the omnipotent influence of the feminist ideals of the late 60's or the early 70's. Or else how can you explain the growth of several notions or ideologies that are nothing but anti feminism? It should also be noted at the same time that with the growth of Femininity, the drive or saga of anti feminism has been strengthened further. So, what is femininity? It is an ideology that states women are traditionally assigned only the best qualities. For many centuries they were considered weak, and being dependent on many social and human factors remained as second graded citizens. But later they claimed about their rights and having not only sexual qualities, as everybody thought. These are the qualities that witnessed the inception of the beauty industry and creating immense profits in the global spectrum helped a lot to change the existing perception of women.

Being dubbed as anti feminism there are a lot of definitions of the notion of femininity, but it is indeed quite difficult to comprise all that features in one. In short, it is only a quality which women possess. Now while you are speaking about femininity, one means only the best and the most beautiful features of women. These images of women happen to be accessible to the modern society today that claims to correspond to new-found sexual freedom or celebrate our femininity. In this day and age women are no longer regarded as the emblem of clarity and personification of merely excellent qualities. Their bodies are also used rampant as the product for he decoration of various commercial goods, showing only their bodies and look at women only as at the sex objects.
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