Are You Living Childfree Or Childless?

The childfree lifestyle is about not having children and being happy about it! When you live childfree you are free to live your life spontaneously, focusing on a career, relationships, and anything you choose. Being childfree is a choice, and is not at all the same as being childless. This article is to explain the case.

Childfree living has long been a point of contention between those who choose to live the lifestyle and those who just don't seem to understand. Childfree living is simply choosing to live a life free of children. People who live this life are often married, despite stereotypes, but they have chosen to not have children, and take steps to continue to live life childfree.

Childfree living is something that a lot of people never even contemplate. A lot of people grow up with the desire to get married or have a family, but there are people who know just as strongly that they never want children. These people simply choose to focus on life without children enabling spontaneous travel, demanding careers, and focus on marriages and relationships.

It is assumed that if people live the childfree life that they cannot possibly like children. There are plenty of childfree individuals who love children, just do not want children of their own. Despite cultural pressures to have children, childfree individuals are content to enjoy other people's children, or not! Childfree living is the epitome of a life being what you want it to be, without the interruptions many parents face.

Childfree living should not be confused with being childless. Childfree living is living without children, being happy about it, and taking steps to prevent pregnancy. Being childless is something that is usually associated with infertility and the inability to have children; something that has been forced upon you.  Those who embrace the childfree living emphasize that they are not childless; they are simply free of children. Many childfree people dislike when people assume they are childless, because they have chosen a particular lifestyle and it's important to them that other people realize this type of living is a choice.

Between those who have children or want children and those who choose to be childfree are fence sitters who just aren't quite sure if they want children. Society puts a lot of pressure on people to have children, and many are considered odd when they do not have children. Societal and familial pressures can confuse people and put them in the fence sitters category where they just aren't sure and aren't quite accepted by either of the other groups! If you are currently a fence sitter, spend time with people who have children and people who are childfree to help find your place. It's okay not to know where you stand; you'll figure it out in time!

There are times when the world of children and that of the childfree clash, and the result is not pretty. People with children tend to view those who live childfree as crass and cold, and childfree individuals tend to view those with children as having no boundaries and not respecting their space. While not all people from both sides have these views, the clashing of these lifestyles can prove to be a tense experience.

The bottom line is that childfree living may not be as common as being a parent, but it is a viable option. More and more, people are starting to realize that they don't have to have children if they don't want them. Your life is yours, and if you choose to live childfree that is your business! You may have to take a little bit of heat from friends and family, but it all boils down to being in control of your destiny.

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