Antique Engagement Rings

Brides that want to have a period wedding, such as Victorian or Edwardian, will want to have an antique engagement ring as well. Antique rings can be purchased at estate sales, from antique stores, local jewelers or can be passed down from generation to generation. A bride may also elect to have a jeweler make a reproduction of an antique ring that she admires.

Brides that choose a period wedding theme will want to have an equally special antique engagement ring. Each time period's jewelry is identifiable by the special style and designs used. The settings are easily identifiable and the types of stones used also help to determine the age of the piece. If you are interested in buying an authentic period piece to use as an antique engagement ring, have an appraiser check the piece prior to buying. You may also purchase an authentic period piece at a jewelers store and they normally will have a certificate of authenticity for the item.

An estate sale is a great place to find an antique engagement ring. The best way to view the pieces prior to buying is to ask a homeowner if you can view them the day before the auction or come early the day of the sale and view the pieces before a crowd forms. Educate yourself before going to an auction on gems, settings, styles and jeweler's marks by studying guides that can be easily found from any retail bookstore. It is important to know the actual value of a piece before you start bidding so that you get the most value for your money. All sales are final at auctions so be sure that you know what you are bidding on before laying down your hard earned money.

Antique stores are another place to find antique engagement rings. Antique storeowners generally find their pieces at estate auctions or they purchase them directly from the owner. Unfortunately not all antique storeowners know the value or are well versed in antique jewelry. It is rare to find an antique storeowner that is an appraiser that can write you a certificate of authenticity on the jewelry piece you are interested in. On the other hand, many fine pieces of jewelry are undervalued at these types of stores and if you have an eye for the pieces you are interested in you may find a bargain.  

Local jewelers may also have a selection of estate pieces or antique engagement rings. Visit your jeweler to see what they may have on hand prior to visiting them.  Let the jeweler know what you are interested in, be it Victorian wedding rings, art deco style pieces or rings from the Civil War era. A jeweler will also be able to provide you with a certificate of authenticity and an appraised value for your ring.  If you are worried about buying a piece of junk jewelry, purchasing an antique wedding ring from a jeweler may be the best way to go. A jeweler may also be able to repair a piece that you purchase such as repairing a wedding rings antique prongs and scrollwork.

If you want a truly unique ring, a bride or groom can also commission an antique wedding ring from a jeweler that specializes in this type of work. A talented jeweler can make reproduction pieces from a picture or from an actual piece of jewelry. 

Brides or grooms that cannot find the perfect ring or want to incorporate designs from several rings into one will want to have someone make a ring for them.  Commissioned pieces are more expensive but the end result is well worth it for a ring that someone will wear for a lifetime.

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