An Description Of How To Play& 1077 Choukball

Tchoukball is a relatively new sport, but you can have a lot of fun playing it. The brainchild of Swiss biologist Dr. Hermann Brandt, tchoukball is unique because it is one of the few sports that allow both men and women to be on the same court and the same team. Tchoukball is a very innovative game as it is a sport that involves the use of both a trampoline (of sorts) and a ball.
While tchoukball is not well known by many people in the sports world, it is still a sport with lots of integrity. Play& 1077 choukball was the brainchild of Swiss biologist Dr. Hermann Brandt, who wanted to create a team sport in the 1970s that did not have the high number of horrific injuries that other sports did. It is currently an international sport, which is played in the likes of Great Britain, Canada, the United States as well as many other countries across the world.

You can play& 1077 choukball on an indoor court that is forty metres by twenty metres. At each end of the court there is a frame (or trampoline) which is one square metre, as well as a “D” (similar to the penalty box in hockey). To score points, players must ricochet the ball off the frame and it must bounce outside the “D” without being caught by the other team. Players may score at either end of the pitch, at either frame. What makes play& 1077 choukball such a complicated sport is that defenders are not allowed to intercept passes, meaning it is hard to stop attacks that are well planned. Attacking wise, players may take a maximum of three steps with the ball and can hold it for up to three seconds. Teams are allowed to pass a maximum of three times before they have to take a shot at goal, meaning players have to be well spread out. However, if the attacking team takes a shot at the frame and misses, the defending team gains a point.

While this as a sport is very popular amongst gym teachers in schools looking for innovative sports that their students can play, outside the gym it is not as popular. Its unusual equipment means it is hard for those playing outside to set up a game by themselves, and there is often a lack of play& 1077 Choukball centres around the world.

Teams consist of nine players each, and as tchoukball is a sport with few limitations both men and women can play on the same team. Other simple rules include- the opposing team getting possession when the ball falls to the ground as well as players being not allowed to touch the ball with their feet (or anywhere below the knee).

International Tchoukball is governed by the FITB (Federation Internationale de TchoukBall), an organization that was founded in 1971. The FITB is made up of thirteen member associations as well as twenty-two affiliated associations, as is desperately trying to have tchoukball shown on television. It also governs beach tchoukball, a version that is growing ever more popular and can be played on grass or sand. The last tchoukball world championship was held in Taiwan in 2004, with the hosts winning the women’s and junior competitions while Switzerland won the men’s edition. In 2006, the European Tchoukball Championships were held in Switzerland, and they won the women’s event while Great Britain won the men and under-18 events. The FITB will join up in the 2009 World Games, which will take place in Taiwan and this is sure to increase recognition of the sport.
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