A Naming Day, The Occasion That Calls For A Celebration

A naming day is a time to embrace your name or child's name. It is about learning something so simply forgettable about us. We delve in our characters through our names and come to an understanding about ourselves. So isn't it about time that you went out and found out when your naming day is, and then let those close to you celebrate with you in happy informal occasion filled with presents? It is afterall like a second birthday.

Naming is an important part of a newborn's life, as the name the parents choose to give to their child will normally be the name that the child is called for the rest of their life. It is important that the parents choose a name suitable for the child as names often have symbolic meaning, which can have a reflection to the child's future character. A baby name can be seen as the start of a child's budding character, as it can be seen as a nickname for either the child's physical appearance or some unique quality that the child had as a baby.

A naming day is a day that is important for many families, as it is the day that celebrates the child's coming into the world and also the day when the child was given their name. Names day is becoming a popular trend in America, where Americans are learning to take pride in their names day. A naming day is a common practice in many European countries, as it symbolizes an almost official welcoming of a new family member to the family circle and unit that already exists.

In order to take full advantage of the symbolism of naming days, we have to understand what the names mean and how they tie up or emphasize the child's character. This is important, as we can then perhaps be able to see the strength that lies in the name and we can then appreciate our names better. It is clear that our names lose meaning when they are used all the time. We become so familiar and attached to them that we cannot imagine being called anything else but that.  And as we progress through life it is nice to have the luxury that comes with naming day since it is only then, that we can truly appreciate our names to length and the people who chose them so wisely.

Having a naming day is like experiencing a second birthday where people wish you the happy names day. It is a reminder of the small miracles of life, that indeed we do exist and our names make our existence known to others beyond the concept of that child or that person.

Often it feels so wonderful when somebody remembers our names, and contrary it also feels rather agonizing when we cannot seem to remember the person's name, even is they had said it to us a couple of times. That just goes to show how important a name is. It is our personal badge of recognition and if we happen to share a name with a historical person then we learn to feel like we share a part of that history. A name can bring us pride and like to so many writers, actors and celebrities, a name can bring us fame.

It all depends on how you look at your name. It can be your emblem of pride or your school nightmare of disgust. Simply put, you can hate it or love it. Naming day can give you the opportunity to embrace your name and to know that there are millions of other people out there that share your name, but there will only be one person like you. And to also think that amongst all these people that you share a name with, everyone can still distinguish you from the millions of say Peters or Andrews.

A naming day also makes you realize that you have given your name a part of who you are, because if someone who knows you explains who you are, they use your name. And in explaining the type of personality and characters that you possess and using your name then, they are reinforcing the fact that your name is more than just a tag to separate you from the rest of the other millions of people.

So if you do not yet know when your naming day is, then maybe it is about time that you find it out. Start creating naming days for yourself and also further your research by finding out what your name means, not only in your culture but also in other cultures. It could be a fun and learning experience.

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