Amsterdam New Years - if social tolerance is for you

The Netherlands is commonly known as Holland and consists of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba located in northwestern Europe on the borders of Belgium and Germany. This densely populated country with its capital Amsterdam has been known for its cheese, clogs and windmills but today is arguably offers one of the most tolerant societies of modern times something likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Amsterdam New Years are singularly different as a result.
Amsterdam more than any other city, town or village in Holland or indeed Western Europe displays the liberal policies with which have developed steadily over the past fifty years with open displays of drugs, prostitution, same abortion and euthanasia. In addition same sex marriage is also possible. Hence Amsterdam New Years are unlikely, on a social level, to be quite like anything that you have ever experienced previously.
Some might be tempted to think that as if to undermine the presence of many globally significant courts, tribunals and criminal investigation agencies such as the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court and the European Union’s criminal intelligence agency (Europol) at The Hague, Holland has taken a brave step towards ignoring its world-wide reputation by countenancing activities such as those described above. However the experience of visitors to Amsterdam New Years would suggest that far from being an unacceptable location to visit for reasons associated with such social tolerance, the majority find it intriguing.
Today Amsterdam has a population in excess of around 2.5 million. Amsterdam New Years visitors should be aware that Amsterdam is a ringed city that encompasses other Dutch cities such as Utrecht, Haarlem, Leiden, The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam which together account for more than 7 million people.
Because Amsterdam possesses a large and significant historic city centre anywhere in Europe dating from the 17th century it offers visitors interested in European history a place to learn. During the 17th century a series of concentric canals were constructed around the old city centre with houses, mansions and warehouses built following the canals throughout still identified today, although some of the old brick buildings are gradually sinking as these were founded on wooden piles in an effort to overcome the marshy subsoil. Amsterdam New Years can therefore be spent gliding along the canals as an observer to the celebrations.
New year travel around Amsterdam is bound to capture anyone’s attention whether they agree or disagree with what they see is a matter for them but anyone interested in social behavior will be heavily rewarded with fresh insights into how things can be accomplished through greater social tolerance. Amsterdam is governed by a mayor, his alderman and the municipal council that since the 1980s has been divided into fifteen boroughs for more efficient governance. The boroughs have responsibility for the activities previously managed by the central city. Of the fifteen boroughs fourteen have elected members while the fifteenth, Westpoort, is a harbour region that has few inhabitants and remains the responsibility of the central council.
New year travel visitors to Amsterdam will enjoy a moderate temperate climate while winters are mild and generally remain above freezing. Summertime it is warm without being excessively hot. Rainfalls amount to drizzle or light rain which are common however Amsterdam only averages less than 760 mm annually.
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