A Lumberjack Is An Athlete Now

For years and years lumberjacks were known as rugged mountain men that cut down trees for a living and grew beards. In the last 20 years or so an entire league of athletic events has grown up around the lumberjack trade and now they get national television time just like baseball players. Something tells me that a baseball player doesn’t want to come across a lumberjack athlete in a dark alley especially if the lumberjack is carrying his axe.
For many years lumberjacks were mysterious people that lived in the mountains, chopped down trees, and grew beards. Being a lumberjack is physically demanding work but it was probably never considered to be a sport for a long long time until 1985 when the Stihl company decided that, in order to promote their various lines of lumberjack equipment, they would create the Stihl Timbersports Series and make lumberjacks into athletes. So now that a lumberjack is a hard working log cutter and a lumberjack is an athlete they can get time on national television along with all of the other athletes but it is still odd that being a lumberjack has been a job for centuries that was recently turned into a sport. The Stihl Timbersports Series was created to help promote the craft of being a lumberjack and to promote Stihl wood cutting products but the whole series of events is completely fascinating to watch. A lumberjack is a hard working person but you would never expect that a lumberjack is also in possession of some of the best sense of balance in the world. You would also never expect that a lumberjack is a woman but that is another revelation made during the Stihl Timbersports Series.

One of the most popular Timbersports events is the log roll and it requires as much of a sense of balance as it does unbelievable skill. Ice hockey fans can only marvel at the sense of balance that these lumberjacks have. The log roll is where two lumberjacks stand on opposite ends of a long log and then need to roll each other off to win. Obviously the first lumberjack to fall off the log loses but this is one of the few events ever seen in any competition anywhere that offers the beginning of the event as probably the biggest challenge. Just getting two lumberjacks balanced on one log long enough to get the event started has to be an unbelievable challenge and also an great testament to the skill and balance these lumberjacks possess. When they get the log rolling and the event started it can sometimes last seconds or it can last minutes but for however long it lasts it proves to be one of the most fascinating events you will ever watch.

Another popular event in the Timbersports Series is the axe throwing competition. This competition is exactly what it says it is, competitors throw an axe at a target and try to score points by being as close to the bull’s eye as possible. If you have never tries to throw a lumberjack’s axe it is certainly not easy to do. The head of the axe is extremely heavy which gives the axe good rotation but can make throwing accuracy very difficult. Lumberjack athletes train for hours for an event that can seem so simple to perform but is, in reality, very difficult.

The Timbersports Series also has a series of log cutting events that the competitors must cut by hand and by using a chainsaw. Lumberjacks don’t use your standard axe and chainsaw. A lumberjack’s axe and a lumberjack’s chainsaw are twice the size of the regular axe and chainsaw and the skill and precision that these lumberjack athletes display when they compete in these events is amazing. There is a technique to each event that requires the lumberjack to keep their axe and chainsaw under complete control and this must require a lot of intense training. The log cutting events seem to be the main events in the Timbersports Series and they are fun to watch.

One of the more curious events in the Timbersports Series is the log climbing event. Participants have to climb to the top of a log that has no branches on it and all they are allowed to use is a strap and spikes in their boots. The speed these athletes display on their way to the top of the log is amazing and this is definitely not something that just anyone can do.

The Stihl Timbersports Series introduced the world to female lumberjacks and female lumberjacks participate in the same events as the men and use the same heavy and huge equipment that the men use. Female lumberjacks are interesting to watch and they are amazing athletes as well.
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