All that you always wanted to know about wheelchair sport

Wheelchair sport is something that is increasingly becoming popular in several parts of the world. You can find literally hundreds and thousands of people participating in such sporting events around the world. These sporting events have enabled to change the perception with which the general public views the physically disabled people. There are an increasing number of sporting events that are being conducted just for them these days.
Wheelchair sport is something that is picking up in various parts of the world. Various Wheelchair sport events are organized in many parts of the world. These wheelchair sport events come as a boon to those who have physical disabilities. These events help in increasing their self esteem and making people with physical disabilities believe in themselves. Wheelchair sport events are therefore increasingly becoming more and more popular. You can find the entire wheelchair sport calendar filled choc-a-bloc these days. A simple online search is all that you need to find out about the latest wheelchair sport events that are taking place in various places around the world. There are several organizations that take care of wheelchair sport events. Wheelchair Sports USA is for instance an organization that takes care of the conduct of wheelchair sports in the USA. Wheelchair sports have been there in existence, so to speak, right from the time wheelchairs were invented. It was only during the 1950s that these sports became popular. A lot of this popularity had to do with the starting of sporting organizations which went a long way in popularizing wheelchair sport events. Wheelchair sporting events became so popular that in fact wheelchair racing found part in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games as an exhibition sport. The event was watched by hundreds and thousands of people at the venue and also telecast to millions of people who watched it live on television. Wheelchair sport events have evolved, so to say, over a period of time. Wheelchair racing for instance has now become a major sport. You can even find wheelers among the thousands of participants who throng major marathons these days. These events show us the skills of wheelers and help in changing the public perception about the kind of things that physically challenged people can do. A lot of wheelchair sporting events these days can also be categorized as extreme wheelchair sports. One good example would be wheelchair weight training and also gym workouts. Many wheelers are known to tone their upper bodies just like normal professional body builders. There are many wheelchair users who are also trying out various water sports these days. Wheelchair basketball also finds a large number of takers. These events are also watched by hundreds of enthusiastic fans too. You can also add other sports such as wheelchair bowling and wheelchair billiards to the ever increasing list of wheelchair sports. Wheelchair softball is also played by several wheelers around the world. So too is wheelchair football. The internet is a good place to find detailed information about wheelchair sports. You can find plenty of inspiring stories of disabled people who have achieved amazing feats just by using their wheelchairs in various sporting arenas. You can also learn a great deal about the various sporting events that are especially organized for wheelchair users. There are several online sources which are dedicated to the subject. A simple online search will put you across to plenty of valuable information on every aspect of wheelchair sports.
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