All About Weddings In Turkey

Weddings in Turkey are beautiful events, conducted with the utmost piety and sincerity. This is also one of the most preferred locales for weddings conducted abroad. The warm climate and stunning natural sites make Turkey a fantastic place to get married in. We conduct weddings for foreign citizens desirous of getting married here. Since we take care of everything from start to finish, you will not have to bother about anything at all. Just draw out a wedding plan, contact us and leave the rest to us!
Turkey is a beautiful, most romantic and relatively inexpensive place to get married. Weddings in Turkey are performed in many different ways. There are many kinds of functions included in the ceremony, in relation to the economic and social status of the families of the bride and the groom.

The prospective groom first visits the bride’s parents and requests them to give their daughter’s hand in marriage to him. Then a date for the wedding is fixed and the two families give gifts and furniture to the other party, as a token of acceptance of the relationship.

Weddings in Turkey are differently conducted both in the rural and urban areas. In the country, there are two wedding ceremonies – one in the bride’s house and one the other one at the groom’s home. The wedding is attended by relatives and close friends. There is a wedding march at the beginning of the ceremony, with Maids of Honor accompanying the couple.

The bride and groom then sit at a table, while an authorized government officer finishes the required paperwork for the wedding certificate. Once they are married, the officer and the witnesses sign the certificate, whereby the couple legally becomes man and wife.

Then there is the usual reception, cake-cutting by the couple, dinner and dance party in the evening, after which the groom takes the bride to his house. A festive meal takes place in the house, after which all the relatives disperse, leaving the newly wed couple to themselves. Some couples also leave for a hotel that night or directly to their honeymoon.

Foreign weddings in Turkey

More and more people today are having their weddings in Turkey. This is the latest, most favorite location for weddings in foreign countries. Weddings in Turkey are events to remember for all those present – it is an exotic, romantic place with beautiful landscapes and is also much lesser expensive than many other foreign locales.

Turkey has a rich cultural and multi-religious heritage, which facilitates all kinds of wedding functions to be held here. This place is just a short distance from the United Kingdom, so that makes it very convenient for anyone who wants to have an exotic Turkey marriage!

Your much desired Turkey marriage function can be held in one of many exciting places in Turkey. It really depends on what kind of wedding you are looking for.

•The ancient Castle of St.Peter is just in front of the stunning Bay of Bodrum. You can also enjoy the sound and laser light shows of Halicarnassus.

•Get married in one of the beautiful beaches of Turkey. This is probably one of the most romantic things you, as a couple, will ever get to do! The traditional Turkish sailing boat ride is an ideal place for a dinner and dance party post your wedding.

•If you thought you were already on a high with the wedding just round the corner, think again. You can get ‘higher’, marrying on a trip in a hot air balloon. Try this if you are the really adventurous types who like to do something different!

•Istanbul is known to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, with many popular sight-seeing spots. You could even choose to get married in one of them, like the Leanders Tower, the tower in the Sea of Marmara or even the Princes Island.

We work to arrange a perfect Turkey marriage function for you. We take care of the minutest of details, so as to cause you the least bit of strain while you arrange for your wedding abroad. Check us out and rest assured – we will transport you to paradise with your dream wedding!
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