All About The South Beach Diet Menu

The South Beach diet is one of the most well known, effective diets becoming increasingly popular among dieters. This diet is based upon decreasing the consumption of carbohydrates. It is considered to be one of the most effective diet methods today, and has been proven to help individuals in their effort to lose weight and maintain a healthy body. The South Beach diet menu is perhaps considered by many to be appetizing and effective.
The South Beach diet was created in Miami, Florida by a cardiologist named Arthur Agatston, whom developed this diet for his cardiac patients. This diet was based on his study of scientific dieting research.

With The South Beach Diet, Arthur Agatston wanted to emphasize the consumption of good carbohydrates and good fats. The first mentioning of The South Beach Diet menu and outline was referred to in a book titled The South Beach Diet by Rodale Press.

One of the most commonly made mistakes or incorrect comparisons regarding The South Beach diet menu is that is somewhat or very similar to the well known Atkins diet. This accusation, however, is extremely untrue. Although the Atkins diet menu is based upon lowering one’s intake of carbohydrates, the two diets are very different.

The South Beach Diet recipe is based upon Arthur Agatston’s belief that the access consumption of what he called “bad” carbohydrates creates an insulin resistance syndrome, which is actually an impairment of insulin’s natural capability to properly and efficiently process fats and sugar. This insulin impairing syndrome is invoked by rapidly absorbed carbohydrates that are found in foods with a high glycemic index.

Along with many other doctors and physicians, Arthur Agastston also believes that the excess consumption of saturated and trans fat will contribute to a severe increase in cardiovascular disease. The South Beach Diet menu works to prevent these two serious conditions by minimizing the consumption of “bad” carbohydrates and “bad” fats while encouraging the consumption of “good” fats and “good” carbohydrates.

The South Beach Diet menu is composed of three phases. In each of these three faces, the lessened consumption of bad carbohydrates is stressed. The first phase, known as phase one, lasts two weeks. In phase one, the dieters following The South Beach Diet menu are attempting to eliminate insulin resistance by avoiding high glycemic carbohydrates. Such high or moderately high carbohydrates include fruit, potatoes, bread, cereals, grains, candy, and sugar. During this phase, the body begins to lose its insulin resistance and use the excess body fat, which in turn leads to the loss of between eight and thirteen pounds.

After the two weeks of the first phase of The South Beach Diet menu, the dieter will then enter into phase two. In this phase, fruits and whole grain foods are slowly and gradually entered back into the diet and still emphasizes the consumption of low carbohydrates. Once the desired amount of weight has been lost by the dieter, he or she may then begin transition into the final phase, phase three.

In phase three, the diet expands, introducing three servings of fruits and whole grains each day.

The South Beach Diet menu emphasizes permanent change of one’s eating habits. Unlike most fad or binge diets, this diet stressed the importance of maintaining this way of eating for the diet to be successful. Understanding the difference between so called good and bad carbohydrates is key when introducing The South Beach Diet menu to one’s life.
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