Albany Hotels Are The Gateway To Fun

Learning about Albany New York rich background will help you decide how to spend your visit. In this area with so many historically notable sites, it is important to figure out what area you want to see in order to choose the most conveniently located of all the Albany hotels. Staying in one of the many Albany New York hotels the area has to offer can be the gateway to fun and learning for your whole family.

Albany hotels come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny bed and breakfasts run by friendly couples to large chain hotels which will seem familiar to you and your family from their branches all across the nation.  When choosing from amongst the many Albany New York hotels it is important to consider all the types of Albany hotels to choose your ideal lodging from amongst the many Albany New York hotels.  Albany's rich history and exciting attractions account for all of the tourist interest in the area, and the large amount of Albany hotels.  Becoming acquainted with the area's background will help you decide how to spend your visit and choose from all the Albany hotels to find the right one from your stay.

Albany was discovered by the famous explorer Henry Hudson, from whom the Hudson river takes its name, in 1609.  Hudson did not become involved in the development of the town of Albany, however.  Instead, the area was settled latter by Dutch merchants who were involved in the industry of bringing furs from northern climes with the intent of shipping them back to Europe.  The fur trading industry was at one time a major reason for the development of the new york upstate area, and Albany is no exception to this phenomenon.  There is no way these dutch fur traders several hundred years ago could have dreamed that one day Albany would be a bustling city, full of all kinds of Albany business including Albany restaurants, Albany nightclubs, and Albany hotels of all imaginable kinds.

Soon after its initial settlement, Albany grew from a small stop on the fur trading route into a major hub of fur trading activity.  It became the major gateway to the north east passage through which so many men and women made their livelihoods in the early years of north American colonial settlement.  The oldest building in the city was created during the fur trading boom, and you will probably want to see it during your visit if you or your companions are at all interested in early American history or architecture.  The building is known as Quakenbush House, and currently functions as a working restaurant.  A visit to Quakenbush House will help make your visit to Albany ny a memorable one.

Albany NY has changed a lot since its inception, as different groups infused the area with their own unique cultural energies and backgrounds, making Albany NY a melting pot like so many other towns and cities in our nation.  As early as 1776 albany became home to its first Shaker community, and you can still visit this group's original cemetery, meeting house, and orchard located in the vicinity of the Albany International Airport.  The founder of the Shaker Movement, and of this first Shaker Community in the united states, is buried in this historically notable cemetery.  On your visit to the Shaker Cemetery, you would do well to take note of the grave of Ann Lee, who changed the face of America and the world with her innovative ideas about community and religion.

If the 1770s feel too modern for your tastes and you are in the market to see something even older, stop by the Albany Institute of History & Art.  There are two genuine Egyptian mummies housed in this unique museum, sure to delight children and adults alike with their eerie majesty.

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