A Guide To The Detroit Dating Scene

The Detroit dating scene is wide and varied. There are so many things to do and places to meet people that it can seem overwhelming at times. The key to meeting potential mates is to partake in a wide variety of activities, and not rely on a specific scene, like the bar scene, too heavily. With just a little bit of planning and some patience, being a Detroit single can be fun and exciting.

Like many major metropolitan areas in the United States, Detroit has many different things to offer.  In Detroit, dating is an important part of the social scene, like it is almost everywhere else.  The difficulty is meeting potential mates when there are literally a million people to weed through.  However, by following a few important tips, being a Detroit single can be fun and exciting, not daunting and tiresome.

The most important thing is to figure out what type of people you want to meet.  Is your dream girl a sports fan?  Do creative/artistic type guys make you swoon?  In order to be successful at dating, you need to become a least a little interested in the things that you think your potential mate would be interested in. There are many different opportunities to explore hobbies and pastimes in Detroit, dating should be seen as an opportunity to take part in that.   If you are into the Academic types, try going to some speeches, conferences, or other intellectual events at the University of Michigan. If you like sports, you are really in luck, as Detroit features the a full complement of  professional sports teams: basketball, football, hockey, and baseball.  If you are into the artistic type, try going to events at local art galleries and museums, and coffee shops.  Being a Detroit single means that you have so many opportunities to meet people outside of the traditional bar scene that some organization is absolutely essential, so pick up a copy of the Metro Times and see what events are in your area. There are so many things to do in Detroit, dating can be fun with just a little bit of effort.

It is probably not enough to simply show up at these events, unless you're someone who just has a magnetic personality and makes friends really easy.  You must get involved in order to meet new people. But this should not be a chore, there are so many things to do in Detroit, dating is just an excuse to get out there and live a little bit.   For example, if you want to get involved in the local arts scene, volunteer at the local museum, or offer to help put up fliers for a show at your favorite coffee shop.  If you want to find people who are into sports and athletics, look for pick-up games at your local gym or community center.  The important thing is that you will get involved and meet more people in Detroit.  Dating here, like in other places, doesn't have to be so hard.  In Detroit, single means being free to try a whole bunch of different activities to see if there is something that interests you.

People always complain about how sick they are of the bar scene, but then Friday afternoon comes around and they are back at the same old bar on the same old block.  Detroit dating, like dating everywhere, requires that you break your routine and get involved with your life.  Not only will you meet a lot of new people, you will also become more interesting and attractive to prospective mates.  So get off your bum and get involved in things that interest you and things you think might interest the types of people you want to meet. You will probably be shocked at the results.

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