A European Wedding And Some Of The Traditions

Whenever a European wedding is announced, the planning will begin for the bride plus the groom and also help from either their families or a wedding planner, who is paid to help out in arranging and organizing a marriage. A European marriage can differ from country to country. Also the religion that each person supports will also be an important factor when deciding some of the features that will appear at a wedding.
When planning a European wedding where do you begin? There are the options of where shall the European wedding take place? What about the couple's religious beliefs will they come into conflict and if so how can they work around them? There are so many questions that need to be asked and answered before beginning to arrange a European wedding.
Obviously all these questions will be answered along the way when planning the wedding otherwise we would never have seen a European wedding take place. A European wedding is the envy of the rest of the world, with so many different cultures every single Europe wedding will have its own unique element to it that no other country can reproduce. That is one reason why a European marriage is envied by the rest of the known world.
A European marriage will always be one of the greatest days in a couple's life. If however you have lived in the country where the wedding is going to take place then you will be more than accustomed to the way that a wedding is conducted in your country. You can say maybe you are bored of the traditions that happen when a wedding takes place in your country and that you wish it was different when two people get married. Let's take England for example, the groom arrives and waits for the bride in a big church with each couples family and friends waiting to watch the wedding ceremony take place. Then the bride will arrive in usually a fancy car and will wait at the front door of the church waiting to be led down the aisle by maybe a member of her family to be as it is called "given away." The bride will usually be dressed in a big white dress, the ceremony will then take place and at the end of the wedding when the new couple is outside the bride will turn her back and throw her bouquet of flowers into the crowd of people behind her. Tradition states that whoever catches the flowers will be the next person to be married.
But there are some couples that will want to tear away from the traditions that their country or religion states that their wedding should be done in a certain way. They may arrange a ceremony that maybe each partner will fill more comfortable with. A European marriage is in one sense the same as every other in that each person has a unseen deep bond between each other and that will be the main and most important feeling to remember before you can propose or "pop the question" to your hopefully future husband or wife. If you both feel a strong deep inner connection between each other then there is nothing stopping you from having your own dream European wedding that will make all the rest of the European weddings pale in comparison to your European wedding.
The idea of a awesome European wedding is not to make people jealous but rather to show everyone that you have "captured" the person that you feel is perfect for you and you want to show this person how much that you love him or her. Because that is the reason that you are marrying them. You love that person so much that you are prepared to verbally express your love in front of all your friends and family, also to make a vow that you will try your best to stay together for the rest of your life.
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