Adoptism Is Something Many Families Do

One thing that can be good, but at the same time have a lot of different issues that are about it, is adoptism. Pretty much, what adoptism is, is placing a child with a set of parents that are not the birth parents of the child. Now this can happen for many reasons, and may be because the birth parents were seen as unfit to raise a child. So, in many ways, you can see how adoptism is a good thing, but at the same time it has started a lot of big time debates. So, when is adoptism a good thing, and when is it a bad thing?
Pretty much, what adoptism is, is placing a young child with a different set of parents than what his/her birth parents are. Well, you may be asking yourself, why would you do something like that? It cannot be a good idea to separate a child from his/her parents. Well, in a way you would be right, and in a way you would be wrong. Adoptism is good because it can help get a child out of a bad spot at home. In fact, a lot of children are not treated the way that they should be treated at home, and this leads to something that is not good for the child. Because of adoptism we are able to place that child in a home that is better for the child itself. There are a lot of different types of adoptism all around the world, and some forms could be better than others. Of course, adoptism does have a lot of different problems and issues that are always surrounding it. Mostly, the problem is not whether adoptism is good or bad, but who should be able to adopt a child. Now, as you can already see, this could start a fight very quickly, and it has. Everyone wants to be treated the same, and saying that you are not allowed to adopt is not treating you the same way as everyone else. No one likes to be treated differently, and adoptism is no different. Of course, some of the people that have to adopt to have kids, are sometimes turned away, and not able to adopt. This would be more with the same sex couples.

Same sex couples, in order to have a child, are going to have to adopt, there is just no way around that one. Of course, some people feel that it is not fair to the child, to let them be adopted by the same sex couples. They say that kids that go through adoptism with same sex couples are going to have a harder time in life. However, this statement can neither be proven nor denied. Many people say that it is hard enough for a kid to have to go though adoptism, but to have to do it with same sex couples is going to make it even harder. They say that the kids could grow up confused at what is going on. A lot of people disagree with that statement completely. In fact there is no information that supports the idea that same sex couples cannot raise a child the right way. However, it is better for a child to be adopted by someone than to not be adopted at all. This makes the child feel unwanted and unloved. So because of this, some say that adoptism by same sex couples is good, in the fact that it gives a child a home. Not having a home, to me anyway, would be worse than growing up in a home with parents that are same sex couples. I do not think it is fair to tell anyone that they cannot adopted. After all, America is suppose to be the land of the free, and if we cannot believe in what we choose to believe in, then we are left in the cold.

Adoptism is one of those things that we may never be truly rid of all the negative things that people have to say. Either way, you have to admit that no matter what people say in the end, adoptism is a good thing. To get a child out of a home where he is being beaten on, or sexily harassed, is a lot better than letting him grow up with this problem. They say growing up in a house like that is what causes kids to have problems when they are adults. Adoptism is one of those things that can help improve a child's life, and that by itself should be good enough for people to want to keep it around.
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