Adoption In School Is Actually More Common Than You Would Think

Adoption in school is a very common thing that tends to happen a lot more that what people would notice. They expect an adoptive child to be this person with hundreds of bruises and ragged clothing. This is not the case. Adopted children are taken well care of and are loved. Not every foster parent are like the ones you see on the television abusing their foster kids.
You are sitting next to a new student in class. You talk to them and become their friend. One day you go over to their house and talk to their mom. You call them Mrs. What your friends last name is. To your surprise, your friend’s mother corrects you and gives you a different last name. You look over to your friend and they look at the floor, not wanting to look into your eyes.
A friend of yours is filling out a questioner on a web site and they must list their parents first and last names. You notice that they skip that question and save it for last. Finally they go back and fill it out. When they go back and fill it out they sort of hunch over. You look and do not recognize the name You could have sworn that her mothers name was something different than that.
You are talking to your friend and a teacher hands out a work sheet and he or she writes their full name. The only problem is, is that that is not their last name; unless they could have gotten their name changed. But that is very strange, why would they do that?
Adoption in school is more presadent than people think that it is. Adoption in school can be considered taboo in some places. Plus, adoption is not something that an adoptive parent or child is going to shout at the top of thier lungs (look up precentage of adoptive kids in schools).
People who have been adopted or are in foster care should not be treated as a social leopard. They are normal human beings who should be aloud to have normal parents. Do not be shy around them when it comes to talking about things of the parental nature. That is one way for them to feel like they are being singled out. Adoptive children want to be treated normal, not as if they are different or defective.
Most adoptive children are first put into the system when they are in elementary school. The children is elementary are usually adopted before anyone else in the school systems, babies are adopted most often, so that is why this is where you find them. Not many of the children in foster care or adoption in school knows exactly what that is. To them, they live with one mom and dad, and sometimes visit another. Real/biological mom and real/boilogical dad mean nothing to them. This is usually when they die not know that they are even adopted.
When they are in about middle school is when they start to ask questions. This is a hard thing to go through. They will have lots of questions like: why did my mommy not want me, or why did this happen? Sometimes these questions can lead to very angry and very violent children. Most things negative that they say about you during this time is not something that they truly think. It is usually some bone headed comment said out if anger and spite. It is better for them to know before they hit their teenage years, because that is when hormones are out of wack, and they are really emotional.
Adoption in school is not something that should be placed and left in the closet. This is a subject that is becoming quite common, and happens a lot more than what the average person would think.
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