Adam Sandler Is A Complete Success Story

The world first became aware of Adam Sandler when he landed a role on the legendary sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. He made such characters as Opera Man, Canteen Boy, and the excited southerner SNL classics and his legacy at the show will always be remembered. But Adam Sandler is one of the SNL alumni that found even more success outside of the show and that is a credit to his talent and determination.
It doesn’t take much talking to Adam Sandler to realize he was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He was born on September 9, 1966 to two loving parents who Adam Sandler will remind the world for the next few decades that his parents were overbearing and Jewish. The core of much of his early, and even later, comedy seems to be his feeling that his mother and father were very overbearing when he was younger and his family in general was a strange group of people. Adam Sandler would also gain notoriety for his love of his red hooded sweatshirt and his respect and love for grandmothers everywhere. Adam Sandler was always a natural at comedy and he was discovered in a Los Angeles nightclub by then Saturday Night Live cast member Dennis Miller. Miller suggested to SNL producer Lorne Michaels that Adam Sandler was a talented comic and in 1990 Adam Sandler was added to the cast of Saturday Night Live. Adam Sandler remained a cast member of Saturday Night Live until 1995 and along the way he created a series of memorable characters and turned in a great deal of memorable performances. But one of the things that started on Saturday Night Live that brought Adam Sandler a great deal of success was his song writing.

Adam Sandler made the singer/songwriter role on Saturday Night Live famous with such comedy classics as Red Hooded Sweatshirt and his song that actually made it to the charts The Chanukah Song. Since Adam Sandler left Saturday Night Live they have tried a few new singer/songwriters to replace him but none have even come close to the success Adam Sandler attained with the role so the role was eventually dropped. In 1993 he released the comedy album They’re All Gonna Laugh At You which was a huge hit. Adam Sandler kept on making records and in 1996 he released What The Hell Happened To Me? which is a collection of his comedy songs and comedy skits as well. Since 1993 Adam Sandler has released a total of 5 comedy albums and they have all gone platinum. It got to the point that whatever Adam Sandler touched turned to platinum and that still has not stopped to this day.

Adam Sandler’s movie career got a boost in 1994 when he appeared in the cult classic film Airheads. The next year he made the comedy hit Billy Madison and Adam Sandler was on his way. He started his own production company called Happy Madison which is a combination of his character Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison. Happy Madison Productions has been behind most of Adam Sandler’s movies since Billy Madison and his career continues to flourish. Adam Sandler’s resume in the entertainment industry is a long and impressive resume that includes credits as an actor, a producer, a writer, a director, and an executive producer. He has worked in stage, stand up comedy, movies, television, and live events as well. He is a very successful and driven individual who has made his large mark on the entertainment world. Adam Sandler is still a young man and his work will continue to be released for many years to come. He may not have garnered the critical success that some serious actors have received but it is impossible to deny the commercial success of Adam Sandler.
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