A Car Free Vacation in the City of Santa Barbara!

The city of Santa Barbara, California, offers visitors a myriad of activities. What is unique about Santa Barbara vacations, is the visitor can get to all of the major Santa Barbara attractions without needing a car! From the Santa Barbara mission to Searns Warf, all attractions are reachable by public transportation. See how to take a car-free Santa Barbara vacation, without missing any of the fun!

Want to visit the beautiful city of Santa Barbara? Believe it or not, Santa Barbara vacations can be taken without the need to rent a car! Public transportation is inexpensive and readily available to the popular attractions of Santa Barbara. Here is a look at some of the popular attractions in the city and how to visit them without a car.

One of the most popular attractions in the city of Santa Barbara is Stearns Warf.  For just a quarter, you can ride the electric shuttle to the Warf. The shuttle drops you off right at the Dolphin Fountain. At the Warf you can walk out onto the Pacific Ocean, charter a boat, dine, and shop. This is a beautiful place to take pictures of the mountains and coastline of Santa Barbara.

The city of Santa Barbara also is home to the beautiful Santa Barbara Mission. Established in 1786, the Mission is the most ornate of all the Franciscan missions in California. You can reach the mission by taking the city bus. If you are nearby, however, you may wish to consider walking, because the neighborhoods leading up to the mission are lovely.

Another popular vacation for those taking Santa Barbara vacations is the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. A courthouse does not sound like a very interesting attraction, but this courthouse is more of a palace. The city of Santa Barbara offers tours of the beautiful architecture of the building. Stunning hand painted ceilings and murals might make you forget that this is indeed a fully functioning courthouse. A visit is not complete without a trip up the building's tower, which provides a panoramic view of the city, mountains, and ocean of Santa Barbara. Once again, you can reach this attraction by the city bus. The electric shuttle also frequents the courthouse.

These three attractions are perhaps the most popular things to do in the city of Santa Barbara, but there are many other options. The list of things to do in this city is never-ending. If you have children with you, you are going to want to take them to the Ty Warner Sea Center while you are on the Stearns Warf. The museum houses interactive exhibits that will teach children about marine life. Or for the child-free vacation you may want to take a tour of the Santa Ynez Valley wine region. You can take a guided jeep, limo, or van tour that will pick you up from your hotel.

Santa Barbara vacations are not complete without a day at the beach. Rent a bike and ride along the waters on the beachside bike paths. Or rent a boat or jet ski and go out on the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Chase Palm Park is a ten-acre water park designed specifically for children, and is just two blocks away from Stearns Warf. A visit to the city of Santa Barbara is not complete without a visit to the Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens. Overlooking the beach, the zoo has over 600 animals, and is dedicated to education and conservation.

No matter what you decide to do while visiting Santa Barbara, there is public transportation available. Without having to rent a car, you can save some valuable money to spend on another part of your vacation. The city of Santa Barbara is a wonderful place for your next family vacation.

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