A Brief History Of Interracial Relationships

Throughout history and sometimes even in today's world there has been major topics of debate, one of them is interracial relationships, many are for it and many are against it, but luckily as the world modernizes so does it views, even if it's slow. Here we will go through some things that stood in the way of interracial relationships from the past and see how far it has come in today's society.

Throughout history and even today interracial relationships have been cause for discussion. Everyone has a view on it including the government, religion, other organizations and cultures. Here we'll have a look at some of these views from the past and some that still flutter around today.

One of the biggest hurdles for interracial relationships was the banning of interracial marriages in many countries in the world. Many people found it unfit and thought it against the laws of nature to have such a relationship, many believed that people should only marry members of their own race as race purity was the most important aspect but they overcome this hurdle in America in 1967 when some of these bans where lifted due to some well documented court cases such as Loving vs Virginia but not without anger.

As of today there are no laws stating that it is illegal for an interracial couple to marry. This has been one of the most significant combats for the adult interracial dating community though many people still are against it even though there is no valid reason for such antics.

There were also some churches that believe that interracial relationships are wrong and not the way of God and the bible - though the bible hasn't ever actually stated that it is wrong, it's just how people choose to interpret what it says. Though nowadays there are not as many church's that oppose to the marrying of interracial persons - in fact there are almost none with the exception of some fundamentalists churches.

One other major spark against interracial relationships are organizations and hate groups, one of the most prominent of these is the Ku Klux Klan, though there are different chapters all over the world and every country has such groups and they all have one thing in common, they all oppose and agree that interracial relationships is wrong and an embarrassment to their race. Their actions against such interracial relations can be to the extreme, harmful and can even result in murder. Groups and organizations such as these are still around today, though they are not heard of much, are unfortunately the only people who will not open their minds to the changes in the world and hold fast to their beliefs.

Cultures and their beliefs are about the only thing that has a leg to stand on, so to speak, when it comes to interracial coupling and even they are changing their views as the world progresses. Years ago in many cultures it was against their beliefs for one reason or another for one of their own to marry or have a relationship with a person of another race mainly due to their belief systems, traditions and culture, even today some hold strong in such belief but more and more are becoming accepting of it.

As you can see throughout history there have been many things that stood in the way of adult interracial relationships, but as the world changes so has their views on many things including interracial dating. Many have come to the belief that we are all human, no matter what skin color we have and we all deserve to love and be loved in return no matter by who it is or who it is from.

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