A brief guide to South East Asian Games

The South East Asian Games is an extremely popular biannual sporting event. The countries in the South East Asian countries participate in these games as the name suggest. Several new records are created during these games. Similarly it is also not uncommon to find many old records being broken and even world records being created in various different sporting events, as part of these games.
South East Asian Games are held once in two years. South East Asian Games are extremely popular and involve participants from 11 countries from the region of Southeast Asia. These games are held under the supervision of the International Olympic Committee. The South East Asian Games are regulated by the South East Asian Games Federation. These games originally began as the Southeast Asian Peninsular Games. It was in the year 1958 that it was agreed by south East Asian countries that they would establish a sport organization. The ideal behind the games would be to nurture friendship and understanding among the various countries of the south East Asian region. The founding members of this organization were Singapore, Malaysia, South Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. It was agreed between these members to hold the games once in two years. The first games committee was also formed during this year. The first edition of these games was held in the city of Bangkok during the month of December 1959. It was in the year 1975 that two more countries, those of Philippines and Indonesia were also included among the list of participating countries. It was in 1977 that the name South East Asian Games was formally adopted. Later on Brunei was also included as a participating member in the games. These games give an opportunity for the sports fraternity of this region to compete in sporting event s against each other and also at the same time come together for a common ideal. The games in a way are chance for the participating members to meet people from different countries and forge bonds of friendship. You can find plenty of information on the South East Asian Games by visiting online sources dedicated to the subject. You can find plenty of details regarding the various sporting events that make up the games. There is also exhaustive information available online on the various records that have been set as part of the games.. Many sporting champions have made their name in these games. There have been several instances of future superstars in sports originally establishing their name in these games and later on went on to achieve greater heights in their respective sports. . The internet is also a good source of information on the history of South East Asian Games.
These games are conducted in a grand scale with both the opening and closing ceremonies being a highlight. Organizing countries of these games make it a point to leave no stone unturned in making the opening as well as closing ceremonies, really memorable events. Thousands of spectators are treated to events such as cultural dances from the organizing country at such ceremonies. These games feature around 40 different sporting events. The number is bound to increase in the subsequent games. One can find valuable information on various such aspects of these games by visiting online sources. The internet is also full of useful information on the various records that have been set as part of these games. Every time these games are conducted several new records are broken or created in the various different sporting events.
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