Abortion And The Role Of Pro Life Feminism

Pro life feminism, a wonderful cause not just for the betterment of women but the child they are carrying. Pro life feminism is an opposition against abortion, stating that the need of abortion is not necessarily needed as it does not just hurt the women but the little child nurturing inside of them. It does not matter how early does a women get an abortion its painful to the little as well as the woman. There are millions of organizations working in the benefit of pro life feminism, making it clear to people that no one deserves a choice to which they can or cannot kill.
Many people erroneously assume that feminism is completely pro-choice and always has been. A ribbon campaign was carried out to oppose abortion which had a very huge impact on the people raising serious questions, if abortion is really the right choice? Pro life feminists respect EVERY human life, and they do not place their morality on people including the unborn by deciding for themselves that who should and should not live. Some people complain that pro life feminism is “anti-choice” and the people who are in the favor of it say that they are infact “anti-choice” when it comes to abortion. They are also anti-choice when it comes to rape, beat, threat or the abuse of women.

Now people say the sooner you get an abortion the less painful it is for the baby. Well a lot of researches prove that that’s not true. As soon as the baby is conceived it feels pain like a grown up does, it listens like a grown up, it feels like a grown up. That unborn baby is a whole tiny person that may not have developed his or her legs, nose, face, eyes but that does not mean that people have the right to decide if he or she should live or not. The pro life feminism is doing everything they can to make people aware of what cruel thing it is to even think about abortion. Pro life feminists have held lots of conferences, meetings etc to convey their point without being oppressive with facts and medical reasons to convince the listeners.

Now some of the types of abortion practiced by doctors are discussed below and none of the ways are gentle enough to abort a baby without hurting him or her:
unavoidable abortion is an endangered abortion becomes an inevitable abortion when the woman experiences pain due to uterine contractions or when, on examination, the cervix, or neck of the uterus, is found to be opening and the abortion has to take place that very moment.
Recurrent abortion is a miscarriage for more than three or four times. The reason of the miscarriage could be anything but the abortion will have to take place during different stage of pregnancies.
Habitual abortion is the term used for the miscarriage that takes place three or four times having the same reason of miscarriage.
An incomplete abortion is a condition in which parts of the products of conception have been passed but some remain within the uterus. This is the natural way or loosing pregnancy. Here the baby is lost while it is in the stomach and has to be taken out soon for the safety of the mother.
Suction Aspiration: This is the most common method of abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. General or local anesthesia is given to the mother and her cervix is dilated. A hollow tube with a knife-edged tip is inserted into the womb. The instrument is connected with a vacuum cleaner type of machine and the baby is sucked from the cervix. This procedure is obviously painful to the mother as well as the baby. Sometimes the baby comes out into pieces with his or her head coming out first, then his or her arms etc.
Dilation and Evacuation (D&E): This method is used up to 18 weeks' development. Instead of the loop-shaped knife used in D&C abortions, a pair of forceps is inserted into the womb to grasp part of the fetus. The teeth of the forceps twist and turn the body and bones of the child to pull him or her out. At the 18th week the baby blinks, grasps, and moves her mouth. Hair has grown on the body and head till then. The eyelids are over the eye to protect it; the child’s vocal chord has been fully developed due to which the baby can even cry silently.

Now even knowing these horrible ways of abortion I still don’t understand why women themselves choose abortion for their own children. Pro life feminism discusses the same ways of abortion making people realize the pain and agony a child must go through to get aborted. The reasons they give are even pathetic, some one just does not want another baby, some are too lazy to have a responsibility or some might do it because they are worried how they are going to afford all his/her expenses. No reason is good enough to KILL an unborn baby. Doesn’t a mother hear her baby cry when they are being sucked out or forced out of their bodies? May be we have turned out to be so selfish that a mother does not mind his own child being killed with her own permission. The pro life feminism is working for the same cause to aware people of the fact that do not get rid of that unborn child nurturing in you. It’s a human and he/she has the right to live. Not even a mother can take that right away from her child.
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